Kevin Seawright wanted to make a difference in communities and he has succeeded. He started off his career as the Deputy Chief Operating Officer for the city where he held multiple responsibilities. Some of these jobs include keeping an eye over two hundred administration buildings, eighty hundred employees and eighty thousand students in the city.

Not only was he able to successfully handle this responsibility, he was also able to cut down unnecessary overtime and missed work time by twenty-five percent. He oversaw a three year renovation project for the school systems. These renovations cost approximately six hundred million.

His ten years in this program helped the city build rapport and this helped him secure his position at Tito Contractors as their Operations Vice President. He enjoyed this position for a little over three years. One of the first things he did in this position was to meet with eight other employees and create a new accounting department. He also installed a performance tracking system for the companies private and government contracts. Visit to learn more.

With a two years separating his previous job and current job he served as an executive director for Collington Episcopal Life Care Community and for RPS Solutions in Newark, New Jersey. Now he is the Chief Operations Officer and Managing Partner of RPS Solutions.

In this position he manages day-to-day contracts with daily operations coming from seven direct reports and an average of twenty contractors. He is proud of his ability to secure and retain a large amount of staff and volunteers. This is crucial to RPS Solutions as they help people with all different types of financial ability secure homes of their own.

With a goal to improve communities, Kevin Seawright has achieved his goal and is only continuing that legacy through RPS Solutions and beyond.



People decide what they want to do for their career in many different ways. One of the most common ways for people to find their career is to look at their experiences. For instance, someone who has experience in the retail industry might open up their own store. Another example is someone who has worked as an investment banker. They often decide to become an entrepreneur in a similar field. They choose a position that has something to do with finances and management. In Igor Cornelsen’s case, he has gone from being an investment banker to an investor and an advisor on finances.

Igor Cornelsen has used his experiences as an investment banker which included holding stocks and managing finances. He has started his own firm in which he does his own investing. He uses all of the techniques that he has learned in his career as an investment banker. He also uses his creativity and insight of the market to influence the markets. One of the most important things he does is pay attention to the rules and regulations of the country he is in. This can make the difference in making tons of money and losing a lot of money.

One of the reasons that Igor Cornelsen succeeds as an investor is that he organizes his efforts. This enables him to keep on top of his assets while looking for some new assets to invest in. One factor he looks at is the way the economy is going. If he sees that an economy is improving, then he is going to invest in that economy. One of the most important pieces of advice that people get when it comes to investing is to go with the trends.

One of the most important things to do when investing is find a good source of information. The internet makes it easier for people to get the information they need to move forward. There are tons of sites that people can look at. It can take them minutes to get the type of information that TV would take hours to deliver.

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Not everyone is confident enough to walk into an athletic store to purchase workout wear. Some will feel as if their body is not as in good shape as the others who are shopping. For this reason, many people will resort to purchasing their workout wear from websites that offer a virtual store front. Virtual stores include Amazon. For many shoppers, this is the main site they head to when they are looking to purchase almost anything. The quick shipping and offering competitive low rates is what has helped them to become one of the top sellers for almost anything that you could possibly want.


When it comes to athletic wear however; you should not sacrifice cost for quality. All the top sellers are not expensive sellers. In some cases, if you would take time to look around and see what other sites there are out there, you could come across some great deals on all athletic wear styles. Most shoppers do not know how easy it is to find better quality products for just a bit more.


If you have noticed, many of the gyms were once filled with people who would workout through various programs and the one thing that they all had in common was the plain, black pants. Many of the visitors would talk about how uncomfortable the pants were and how they wished there was something else to wear that would give them some color and that would help to accent their bodies better.


Their wish had finally came true when Fabletics came on the market. Since being released, the business has grown to a worth of over $250 million dollars. All of this money in just three years since it began. Some of this could be contributed to the style and fashion design that athletes want but majority of it is because they see someone at the fore front of the business promoting it, selling it, listening to shoppers and so much more.


When the idea was hatched regarding a line of athletic wear that would be provided to customers on a monthly shipment, Fabletics knew that it would need someone who would help them sell the items not only because they stand there selling the items but also because they, themselves are shown wearing the same outfits that they stand up for. When they thought of someone like this, Kate Hudson was quickly chosen.

Robert Ivy was appointed the executive vice president and chief executive officer of the American Institute of Architects in 2010. Before his appointment in the organization, Ivy had held the position of editor in chief of architectural records back in 1996. While at it, the fruits of his hard work earned him respect not only among the employees in the organization but also in the entire architecture community in the US.

Additionally, Ivy has also held the positions of vice president and editorial director of McGraw-Hill construction media in an acting capacity in 2003. In his mandate as the editorial director, he oversaw all the editorial quality of many online publications and prints. Other than the M. Arch that Ivy holds from Tulane University, he also holds a B.A in English from the University of the South in Tennessee.

Robert Ivy’s Mandates at AIA

Since his appointment to the position of executive vice president, Robert Ivy has been the profession’s advocate on social, political, and environmental fronts. He also manages the AIA offices in Washington, D.C where he is tasked with managing an annual budget of $56 million as well as many employees. Among the many mandates that the position comes with is directing the focus of the organization on practice issues and design within the institute. He is also mandated with enhancing the voice of AIA. As well, he is tasked with working collaboratively with more than 300 chapters throughout the nation and world-over to support members of the organization. Many people say good things about Ivy. George H. Miller, the 2010 AIA president, for instance, expressed his excitement when Robert took up the position saying that Robert is an experienced corporate leader which is a sought trait on the board.

Robert A. Ivy: Award-winning Leadership

Robert Ivy received the Crane Award in 2009. The Crane Award is the topmost recognition by American Business Media for a person’s contribution to the press. In 2010, Alfa Rho Chi named Ivy a master architect. With this award, he joined a list of recipients like I.M Pei and Buckminster Fuller.

AIA: Serving the Interests of Architects and the General Public

American Institute of Architects (AIA) is an organization of professional architects in the United States with its headquarters in Washington DC. The group offers government advocacy, education, public outreach, and community development to supports architectures and improves the public image of the architecture profession. Moreover, the organization operates hand in hand with other members in the field of construction and design to help in the coordination of the building industry.

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One of the top professional organizations in the United States is the American Institute of Architects. The organization has been in existence since the 19th century and has bee the premier entity for the professional development and support of architects. Over the years, the organization has expanded and now has over 200 chapters throughout the world. It was started up in Washington D.C. where it is still based today. The American Institute of Architects has been a top organization due to its many values and philosophy. On a regular basis, the organization looks to emphasize, diversity and inclusion as well as addressing a number of issues such as infrastructure, climate change and immigration.

What has made the American Institute of Architects one of the top entities for architects is its ability to include a variety of professionals as its members. With values such as diversity and inclusion, the organization has allowed many architects to join and express their ideas and knowledge to other professionals in the field. This has helped enhance the professional development of many architects who are looking to advance their careers and pass the necessary licensing exams. The institute has also led to many architects collaborating with one another to suggest projects and work towards completing them. Along with diversity and inclusion, the American Institute of Architects has also been able to find solutions to current issues such as changing climates, immigration and improving infrastructure.

The American Institute of Architects has key leadership that has helped it remain as one of the top professional organizations. Robert Ivy is the current chief executive officer of the American Institute of Architects. He has held this position for over six years since 2011. Under his leadership, the organization has continued to provide support and development for many professionals in the field. As well as helping architects reach their full potential, Robert Ivy has also looked to introduce new programs that give architects more opportunities to gain knowledge and enhance their skills. With his expertise and experience, Robert has established himself as one of the most dependable leaders in the field.

Before Robert Ivy became the chief executive officer of the American Institute of Architects, he worked in the media field. He spent a number of years as a chief editor of top architectural publications. During this time, Robert Ivy would provide his knowledge of the field to help educate a number of architects about the latest developments in the field. Ivy would also helps writers of the publications come up with topics that would help architects get new information about the field on a regular basis. Robert received a bachelor’s degree in liberal arts and a master’s degree in architecture. For more info, visit:


The American Institute of Architects (AIA) is based in Wshington, D.C. and is an organization for architects. It was founded in 1857 by 13 architects who were looking to promote the practice of architecture by educating the public. Its first president was Richard Upjohn, and before the organization came into existence anyone could say they were an architect, because there were no laws stopping them from doing so. As the group grew, more architects were invited to join, and in 1973 the home for the organization was built, which is now named the

American Center for Architecture.

Today, the AIA has over 90,000 members, and they are all guided by a code of ethics and professional behavior that has been put in place to guarantee that any architect maintain his or her professionalism and the highest quality of work. Their National Ethics Council (NEC) has been put together by the Board of Directors at the AIA, and it is its job to ensure that their ethics code is practiced and enforced. The AIA Board of Directors; however, have the final say when it comes to situations where the penalty might be termination for an architect. Visit AIA at The New York Times to know more.

Robert Ivy is the CEO and Executive Vice President of the AIA, and he has had his hands full with the job of reaching out to the public, advocating for the organization, and putting together education initiatives. Part of his work is to bring the group into the 21st century, and he has been making the AIA more active in order to do this. Not only has Robert Ivy created a public awareness campaign that won awards, but he also has helped the organization enter the new age by putting together a digital tech framework.

Before Robert Ivy joined up with the AIA, he worked with McGraw-Hill Construction as its Editorial Director and Vice President. It was Mr. Ivy who was responsible for the fact that the publication received many different awards, which include the American Society of Magazine Editors National Magazine Award for General Excellence and the premier magazine journalism award. Robert Ivy is the only architect in the 21st century who has been honored by the national architecture fraternity Alpha Rho Chi.

As the world moves into a digital age, it is good that there is an organization like the AIA will continue to represent the best that architecture has to offer the world. With more than 200 full-time employees on its staff and leadership like the kind that Robert Ivy has provided, this national organization is planning to continue to educate the public about the value of architecture and what it can offer to a world that is looking to build a sustainable future.

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The American Institute of Architects, or, AIA for short, is a trade organization that also serves as a non-governmental organization. The purpose of this group is to support fellow architects, while also, lobbying policymakers in Washington. One may be curious to know why this type of group would need to be politically involved. Since nearly everyone is a consumer of architecture, this is in the best interest of all parties involved. Executive Vice President and CEO, Robert Ivy, and, the AIA stand up to laws that undermine the integrity of the profession, and, the landscape.

The AIA supports architects through recognition, continuing education opportunities, sharing best practices, ethical guidelines, and, through identifying them as members of the organization. New architects entering the field can seek a mentor through the AIA, and, they also get support while beginning their careers in a challenging market. Robert Ivy and, the AIA, have made public awareness a top priority in educating the general public of the important role architects, and, architecture has in modern society.

The AIA also defends their profession, which has faced much competition from engineers, moving into the field. They also provide fair pricing and salary guidelines, so members are aware as to how they should be compensated. Visit AIA at The New York Times to know more.

The AIA, and, Robert Ivy also put sustainability as the main topic of concern within the profession. This is especially important, as it affects many areas in the field of architecture. The building materials, communities involved, energy sources, future generations, and, many other factors come into play when designing architecture. The AIA supports EISA, and, they’ve defended this legislation by debunking many myths that have been expressed by lawmakers to the general public.  Read this article at Architectural Record about Robert Ivy

The AIA also makes sure that all members, and, even those who interact with the business of architecture is acting in an ethically sound manner. They have an entire series of bylaws to display the organizational structure, the behaviors, and, even the expected roles that each party is to fulfill the organizational structure. This is especially important as architects have many legal responsibilities. Real estate laws, building laws and guideline, contracts, eminent domain, and, many other types of legal considerations play the role of the architect’s duties and responsibilities.

Given the current political climate, it’s more important than ever for the AIA to be active. Robert Ivy and, his dedicated team continue to support and advance the agenda for all those invested in the field of architecture.

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If there’s any issue on people’s mind today, it’s the current immigration debate. Both nativists and patriots are concerned about the future status of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, being the most important today. Many immigrants come to this country as children through no fault of their own. They are simply riding along with their parents and have only known America as their homeland. The Frontera Fund was started as a way to make sure these Americans had a chance to fight for their rights and their place in the only country they have ever known.   The most important thing to remember about the work of the Frontera Fund is that they are one of the last barriers between dreamers and deportation. They provide the funding dreamers will need to fight cases and to protect themselves from the dangers of deportation. Even though this danger is quite apparent, there are no other places they can go to find assistance. It must come from the Frontera Fund and others like this organization. Their efforts are never tiring, but are nonetheless essential for the fight against the current nativist regime that threatens to deport the children here under the DACA program.   The Trump administration has made it clear it wants to do everything it can to stop people from fighting against their nativism. After repealing DACA Trump is looking to use his wall and other political stunts to make things worse. The consequences of repealing DACA stretch far beyond the mundane. This can lead to fewer skilled workers, college graduates, and others we need. America wasn’t founded on this way of thinking and it won’t continue to prosper if this is allowed. Something must be done for those of us who are vulnerable. The Frontera Fund is fighting this battle in the heart of Arizona where much of the controversy boils. This state has given us the likes of Joe Arpaio and other nativists who wish to undue what makes America great. The time to put a stop to this has come and the right actions must be taken.  

The American Institute of Architects (AIA) is the foremost professional institute of United States practicing architects. Robert Ivy founded the AIA, with a mission of establishing the best practices for architecture and representing the field as a whole. They offer a variety of services including policy development, advocacy, outreach and education. The goal of their activities is to improve the understanding and public impression of architecture as a profession. The organization is headquartered in Washington D.C. and has multiple annual events as well as competitions for aspiring architects.

Gaining membership to the AIA signifies excellence in trade and a commitment to the community that is present in this profession. There are over ninety thousand practicing architects that have gained membership to this organization. The code of ethics as well as professionals displayed amongst members is unparalleled as they exhibit the greatest amount of dedication and standards for effective practice.

Membership can be constituted at different levels within the organization.The five levels are Allied member, emeritus memberer, International associate member, associate member and architect members. An architect member is someone who is involved with practicing in the United States and has gone through the necessary licensing procedures. Associate members are not necessarily licensed but may be able to work in the field of architecture with some supervision. They could have earned related professional degrees that are applicable in the field of design and are potentially professors or have received other forms of education. Robert Ivy established the AIA to incorporate all professionals who may be related to the practices in the field of architecture and remains an active member today.

International members were able to join based on holding licenses that were bestowed from a country other than the United States. Meanwhile, an emeritus member would have had membership for more than a decade and a half. They must also be above the age of sixty five and are potentially incapable of working in the field of architecture due to this fact. Finally, allied members are members of the AIA who are in contextual careers to the field of architecture as articulated originally by Robert Ivy.

This includes but is not limited to engineers, landscape architecture practitioners, planners and building or design positions. The partnerships with AIA and the American Architectural Foundation represent a motivation towards the core principles and a possibility for working in collaboration with multiple fields.

The AIA works with policy makers to create the best standards of practice in the economy today. Founder Robert Ivy wanted to create an environment for architects to explore the best outcomes in present and future work. The major objectives they have are to improve the American way of life and to incorporate meaningful suggestions in the governmental process for future architectural practices.

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