There is a family-owned business in Dallas, Texas that is improving the gas and oil industry. Known as Gulf Coast Western, LLC, the CEO and president of the company is Matthew Fleeger. The company has locations in Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, and Colorado.

By forming partnerships with other companies, Gulf Coast Western combines its experience with other companies who also have the know-how and can contribute other dynamics into the mix. The companies will share their talents and resources in order to minimize the risks and maximize the potential of different locations and endeavors.

One of Gulf Coast Western’s partners, Orbit Gulf Coast Exploration, acquired nearly all of the assets of Orbit in Lafayette, Louisiana. This gave Gulf Coast Western the rights to hundreds square miles and 13 producing wells, and an estimated 30 million barrels of reserve. There are more than 140 defined drilling locations in this acquired land.

Gulf Coast Western has acquired 50% interest in a company that specializes in salt water disposal. This is important in the oil industry when drilling in done in areas where sea water percolation may be a problem.

With Matthew Fleeger at the helm, the company partners with a number of companies in order to facilitate production and utilize the talents inherit in the other companies, combining the talent there with their own experience. This has made Matthew Fleeger one of the more successful CEO’s in the industry.

His definition of a partnership goes beyond what one would normally think of as a partnership. He has shown that combining effort and talent can show greater return than simply forming a partnership. In this manner, he has redefined what the oil and gas industry needs to look for: partnerships with the necessary experience and knowledge to successfully manage the resources available to them.

One of the greatest challenges for teachers currently is communicating with parents of their students. This is due, in part, to the country’s vastly diverse population as well as the fact that many parents in many communities work multiple jobs and dual income households in the U.S. is the standard.

High student success for any community relies on a team approach between parents and school. Therefore, a simple and effective way of communicating with families that speak English as a second language or parents who cannot be present at school events such as parent-teacher conferences is imperative. Classroom Dojo has created a wonderful new communication platform called “Translate”, that can make communication with these families much more consistent and positive on a daily basis.

The Translate platform allows teachers and schools to communicate with parents in their native language on a regularly, as well as send parents photos and videos of their child in school. This communication allows parents to be involved in their students schooling from the ground up, enabling greater student achievement and success, and the empowerment of parents who would normally not be able to support their child in school.

Often, parents of ESOL students are given important written communication only in English, causing them to miss important school information. Consistent communication with ESOL families can remedy this. By enabling regular communication ESOL families are empowered to play a bigger role in their child’s education. When parents feel empowered to participate in their children’s schooling, a more positive community culture can be created not only with in the classroom but also throughout the school. If 2 out of 3 schools were to use Classroom Dojo consistently throughout the classrooms, imagine how successful our students, and school communities could become!

Reaching everyone who needs healthcare is a top priority at InnovaCare Health. This company does all that it can to serve people through government programs like Medicare and Medicaid, and it does this through the leadership that it employs. InnovaCare Health has a philosophy that patients are best served when patients care is led by the physicians, so InnovaCare Health has a leadership team that works with the healthcare providers to empower them so that patients receive the best care in the least number of visits. This actually increases the quality and betters the patient outcomes while also keeping costs down for the patients. It also frees up physicians time so that they can spend more of it on the patients.

Kokkinides at InnovaCare Health

Penelope Kokkinides is the Chief Administrative Officer at InnovaCare Health. But this isn’t her first role in the healthcare industry. She’s worked for several other companies over the course of her 20-plus year career. She’s also worked for Aveta Inc. as the Chief Operating Officer. She’s also worked for Touchstone Health and Centerlight HealthCare as the Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President. Kokkinides has also served as the Corporate Vice President for Care and Disease Management at AmeriChoice.

Beyond her prolific career, she has also spent much of her life studying to learn all of the ins and outs of healthcare. She first studied classical languages and biological sciences, earning a bachelor’s degree. She then went on to earn two master’s degrees, one in social work and the other in public health. She has also worked to receive a post-master’s degree in alcohol and substance abuse.

Shinto at InnovaCare Health

Rick Shinto is the current President and Chief Executive Officer at InnovaCare. He’s been working in the industry for more than 20 years as well. Shinto started his career as a physician, working as a pulmonologist. After earning his M.B.A., he then switched to the leadership side of the industry. Over the years, he’s worked for MedPartners as the Corporate Vice President of Medical Management. He’s also worked at Cal Optima Health Plan and Aveta, Inc.

Beyond his education and work experience, Shinto has also added several awards to his name. Among them is the Access to Caring Award. This honor was given to him for his contributions to providing healthcare to those who otherwise couldn’t afford it.

Brightline, owned by Fortress Investment Group and USA’s new major private passenger company, has announced that its trademark licensing agreement and partnership with Richard Branson’s Virgin Group. As part of the deal, the partners will rename Brightline to Virgin Trains USA. The branding transition of the company will take place in 2019. With the partnership, Brightline will use the marketing and branding expertise for its future developments.

Brightline launched its services in May 2018, and its operations take place between Miami, West Palm Beach, and Fort Lauderdale. The firm, currently, plans to expand its operations to Tampa and Orlando. Pending approval from the relevant authority, the firm will start the construction of its railway in 2019 to connect Southern California and Las Vegas. Overseen and managed by Fortress Investment Group and its affiliates, Virgin Group will make a minority investment in the business. Read more about Fortress Investment Group Reviews at

Wes Edens, the co-founder of Fortress Investment Group and Brightline’s chairman, stated that the company’s effort to reinvent passenger trains services in the United States will leap forward through its partnership with Virgin Group. He added that the new partner has built a trusted and respected brand in the USA and internationally, and with their shared agenda of improving consumers’ experience and cultured innovations will help in the building of the company’s success.

Virgin Group’s Richard Branson added that the two organizations have had fun in the creation of innovative transport businesses that have changed the market dynamics and earned them loyal followers. Virgin Group, for instance, transformed the air travel industry in the U.S and other parts of the world. According to the billionaire, Virgin Group has always wanted to have the opportunity of bringing excellent service experience to the millions of Americans who use railways on a daily basis. He affirmed that Brightline is at the forefront of bringing innovations in the railways transport industry. Being managed by Fortress Investment Group, Branson believes that Brightline is an ideal partner for his Virgin Group to alter the country’s traveling habits. Both partners think that working together in the business will help issue access of railways services to many more people in the country.

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GreenSky is a world leader in the consumer finance market which deals with Home Improvement, Patient Credit, Retail, and Unsecured Loan options. The corporation has developed strong business relations with service providers, dealers, and retailers in various states across the United States. Its headquarters are found in Atlanta Georgia, and the operational facility is located in Covington, Kentucky. This corporation services its portfolio via a loan servicing company in compliance with SSAE 16 Type II.

The company was founded in 2006 and since then, it has played a significant role in enhancing small business and consumer credit allowing more affordable and extensive access to business financing. The establishment serves different clients who range from the largest and most demanding companies in the world to medium-sized and small enterprises and customers across the country. The scalable technological solutions, processes offered by this company significantly enhance the lives of different clients. The company is recognized across the country due to its ability to provide custom-built credit solutions to clients, which lead to accelerated cash flow and improved sales.

In the recent past, the firmed scored a big win with its initiative to partner with the American Express, a plan that provides the fast-developing company access to the strong mercantile base of American Express. While the number of merchants on the GreenSky LLC platform will enjoy an enormous boost due to this plan, this collaboration will also harmonize the American Express’s revamped growth which typically focuses on luring more customers. Notably, as American Express promotes the offerings of GreenSky directly to either the potential or existing clients, the deal is supposed to allow GreenSky to grow its income with a little effect on the operating costs.

GreenSky’s role as the arbitrator between potential borrowers and the lenders with sound credit histories shows that the company does not come with big credit risk. According to the firm’s boss, the relations developed with banks, home improvement companies, and healthcare providers will still be vital to its growth in future as indicated by the strong Q2 performance outcomes of the firm. On the other hand, the company’s partnership with Amex also adds another significant dimension of development, with a high growth potential of the partnership anticipated in 2019.

Teething is hard on not only the children that it is happening to but also the parent. Teething is painful and stressful to children. We want a way to help our children when they are teething, but we want to make sure any type of medications we give them will not harm them. Medications have nasty side effects, and using all natural products help us to avoid these side effects. This is where Hyland’s comes in to play. Hyland’s has created a type of medication called Hyland’s Oral Pain Relief Tablets. These tablets dissolve and make it easier for children to take.


Hyland’s was created with kids and families in mind. They use safe and gentle ingredients to create medicines that will not harm children. Hyland’s knows that children, and some adults, have trouble swallowing pills, so most all of their medicines are either in liquid form or in the form of dissolving tablets. The pain relief teething tablets were made with babies in mind, because babies use their mouths to learn about the world around them. When their mouths are in pain babies are miserable. The pain relief tablets dissolve easily and help babies to feel better.


Another thing about Hyland’s is that their medications are homeopathic. Being homeopathic means that their products are all natural and come without the strain of harsh side effects. Drugs that are homeopathic are so much better for children, and you can give them to them without worrying too much. So, if you need any type of medication for your children whether it be for teething or for something like a cold, you need to check out Hyland’s. Try the homeopathic route, avoid the harsh side effects, and help your children to feel better without fearing the side effects.

Raising babies can be a tricky affair. Unlike grown-ups who are able to accurately say what ails them babies cant. Toddler communications are normally limited to body language cries or smiles. For any first time parent, this can at times be confusing. Such is the teething phase. Teething often proves challenging to babies. It is due to the irritability and sleeplessness that accompanies it. To go through this phase well, the homeopathic Hyland’s baby oral relief tablets come in handy.


As the name suggests, these tablets offer relief to the baby during such discomforting time. In the current world, natural remedies are considered the best alternative. Ingredients in the medicines are sourced from nature. Unlike other drugs which mostly contain artificial flavors and dyes to make them more appealing and sweet tasting to babies, Hyland’s sticks to nature for optimum homeopathic treatment result.


Hyland’s baby oral pain relief tablet is readily soluble in water or tongue of the toddler depending on the parent’s discretion. Solubility is critical given the localized need to relieve irritability in the gums and emergent teeth. The mechanism of action in the Hyland’s tablets is based on active ingredients like Chamomile that targets the nervous system.The gums of babies are often very sensitive, the chamomile often soothes these phenomena relieving the nagging irritability. A key aspect of teething is the lack of sleep for the baby.


This homeopathic treatment takes this into consideration. Hyland’s baby oral relief tablets contain coffee cruda. Sleep is often induced by hormones in the baby’s body. Coffee cruda triggers the sleep hormones involved in the circadian rhythm. It is important for the drug not only to sooth the bays irritability but also induces the baby to sleep.


Its worthy of note is the mode of administration of the Hyland’s tablets is easy. The pill is simply crushed in a spoon and added to clean drinking water before being given to the baby.

Tom Thayer has partnered with Aloha Restoration, a subsidiary of Aloha Construction Inc. Tom Thayer is the former 1985 Super Bowl Champion Chicago Bears’ NFL offensive lineman as well as on-air Bears day personality on Entercom stations. Bears have been shining since the start of the football season exceeding expectations. The local mold removal experts have supported the new look Bears all the way by sponsoring every broadcast.



Currently, Aloha Restoration, Co. is in partnership with Dan Bernstein, ‘670 The Score’ personality. In a statement, David Farbaky, President& CEO of Aloha Construction Inc., stated that Tom Thayer is one of his favorite players. He even hangs Mr. Thayer’s portraits around his office. He expressed how honored he felt to cross paths with Mr. Thayer and Mr. Bernstein. According to the visionary leader of Aloha Construction’s team, winter is coming and when it brings the need, Aloha Restoration is ready to help.



Aloha Restoration is based out of Lake Zurich and it specializes on fire damage restoration, mold removal, interior remodeling services, water damage restoration, water removal and even carpet cleaning. The parent company has always aimed at being a one-stop shop for homeowners all-over the Midwest.



Tom Thayer built a noble career playing for Chicago Bears and advanced it further by commentating for Chicago Bears at 105.9FM as well as WBBM Newsradio 780AM. Dan Bernstein co-hosts the “Bernstein and Golff Show” on 670 The Score.


The group of licensed House remodeling contractors provides water removal, bathroom remodels, kitchen remodels as well as professional basement finishing for both renters and homeowners. Aloha Restoration serves all of Lake County. While delivering quality services, they strive to uphold integrity which is part of trusted Aloha Construction’s value system. The company uses quality materials to guarantee projects with no residual effects. Aloha Construction is a trusted roofer and siding contractors owned by a family operating in Illinois as well as Southern Wisconsin.


Sujit Choudhry is a University of California professor. He lectures at the School of Law in Berkeley. At one point, Sajit was the Dean School of Law. Before joining the Berkeley school, the professor taught at New York University and the University of Toronto. Sajit Chaundry is also an internationally recognized authority with a focus on politics and comparative constitutional law. He has spoken to audiences in over thirty countries. Follow Sujit on his ( page.

Professor Chaundry combines in-depth field experience and wide-ranging research agenda to play his role as advisor in constitutional building processes. He has assisted several countries in their legal procedures, refer aso to (

Professor Choudhry has law degrees from Harvard, Toronto, and Oxford, besides being a former Rhodes Scholar. He was also Chief Justice Antonio Lamer’s (Canada Supreme Court) law clerk. The professor has published over ninety reports, working papers, book chapters, and articles.

Sujit Choudhry plays the role of Founding Director at the Center for Constitutional Transitions. The body he created mobilizes and generates knowledge that supports constitutional building processes. It does this by assembling then leading international expert networks who complete research projects (thematic). The research offers practitioners evidence-based policy options.

In a recent interview with IdeaMensch, the professor stated that his idea for the Center of Constitutional Crises came about after he realized there lacks adequate, up-to-date research on constitutional matters. His typical day involves extensive reading, overseeing research projects, writing, and replying to emails. The professor brings his ideas to life by engaging with policy partners and utilizing practical examples.

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Sajit Choudhry sees that we are living in exciting times because of the internet. He sees the internet as an opportunity to bring constitutional information to the masses. For the professor, his worst job was working a full-time academic administrator. It was not something he loved, so he was not happy. Here are some of the things Sajit Choudhry recommends to people coming up in different sectors

  • Growth strategy- Be entrepreneurial, opportunistic, agile, and highly cost-effective.
  • Always talk to people especially those on the ground. They have vital information.
  • Do not focus on making everyone happy. Sometimes no one will be happy with your moves.

For Professor Choudhry, the best software he uses is FullContact because it excellently manages his contacts. The professor says if he were to start over, he wouldn’t hesitate going global quickly. Sajit Choudhry recommends the book Wiser: Getting Beyond Groupthink to Make Groups Smarter.

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OSI Food Solutions is a company that was formed in 1909 at Chicago in the United States. The company primarily deals with the production of meat products and has managed to be successful in the business being ranked among the best food production companies in the world. The company’s headquarters are located in Aurora, Illinois in the United States. OSI Food Solutions has a long history of success. Before becoming a large company, it started as a small family meat business which was started by a German Immigrant known as Otto Kolschowsky.

After 2 years of service to its customers, it grew to become a wholesale company that processed meat and sold to customers in wholesale. At this time, it was known as Otto and Sons. The company managed to be very successful and built a good reputation for itself. It got to be known for the quality meat and delivery services it offered to its customers. Later on, in 1955, it got a tender of producing meat products to McDonald’ first restaurant which was opened at Des Plaines in Illinois. The company soon embraced Cryogenic food processing which was a method of preserving meat products. It prevented the company from loses due to spoilt food. OSI Food solutions soon became the official suppliers of McDonald’s company.

The company did not stop there but went ahead to open a meat plant in Chicago. This plant boosted the processing of meat products for the company and after some time, it changed its name to OSI industries. The competent team at OSI Food Solutions has really played a great role in the success of the company. They have succeeded in forming partnerships with other companies that have played a big role in the development of the company. The team has also expanded markets to various places such as India where it created Vista Processed Foods. The biggest achievement of OSI Food Solutions was when it managed to acquire Baho Foods which was also a food processing company in Europe. It helped the company in a great way by opening a way for the company to trade in the European market. It is without a doubt that OSI Food Products has been a success and is still working its way to greater heights.

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