FreedomPop Wi-Fi Service Plan is Their Best Yet

When FreedomPop said they wanted to provide the best, most affordable and reliable service to as many users as they could reach, they were serious. Early in 2015 this service provider took a step that only reinforces their goal when they unveiled their new Wi-Fi plan. Android smartphone users now can access unlimited text, talk […]

D.A. Gascon Fined for Violating Professional Ethics

Many professionals have found themselves in hot soup for violating even the most trivial professional codes of conduct. The latest to be charged with ethical violation is George Gascon, San Francisco’s District Attorney. Together with his staff members, he has been penalized by the Ethics Commission for unlawfully asking for donations from employees of the […]

How People Use Online Reviews

Many people swear by online shopping. Just check out this BrandYourself review Not only is it extremely convenient, but the shopper can learn so much more about the product they want to purchase than they could if they went to the store. Online reviews have become a major contributing factor when choosing among different brands. […]

Does Igor Cornelsen Think Brazil is Too Expensive?

World Cup in 2014 and Olympics in 2016 are two important events that have put Brazil on the map. But has Brazil become too expensive too quickly? Does Brazilian Banking Expert Igor Cornelsen think Brazil is too expensive? “Purchasing Power Parity (PPP)” In 1948, the United States Bretton Woods agreement established that all nations engaged […]

Legal Life And Equestrianism Fill The Life Of Luciana Lossio

The life of a high ranking legal official in Brazil can be a difficult one, but the Minister of the Superior Electoral Court, Luciana Lossio, finds time to relax by enjoying her hobby of horse riding. The stress and long hours worked by this respected lawyer and lawmaker are often ended with weekend equestrianism that […]