David Osio: The Ultimate in Business & Philanthropy

David J. Osio not only have an impressive resume in the financial and business world, but he is also very impressive in his global scale, philanthropic efforts. His philanthropic efforts have a broad range for the community, art, music, and medical research. This financial genius has been working with various nonprofit organizations for over 20 […]

Jose Manuel Gonzalez, A Man of High Wisdom and Athletisicm

Jose Manuel Gonzalez is a horticultural businessperson. Jose was president of FEDECAMARAS. He is right now delegate to the National Get together by Guárico State. He offers us the nature of two progressive encounters of open administration from two diverse yet correlative territories. It is a dynamic business visionary acquired to legislative issues. Jose Manuel […]

ClassDojo Is Transforming The Classroom Experience

ClassDojo is a communications platform that is being used in schools all over the world. The app helps to foster a closer connection among teachers, parents and students. Many find this new educational connection very empowering for all involved. They say it represents a ground-up change from the way the three groups have interacted in […]