Entrepreneur and Philanthropist Dick Devos

Everyone has seen the news in Washington. The Devos family has a new member on Capitol Hill. While Betsy Devos campaigns across the United States for education reform, her husband and multi-faceted businessman Dick Devos has joined the ranks with other advisers helping the FAA with new policies and regulations. The agency has been dealing […]

Malcolm CasSelle the CIO of leading bitcoin merchant

Malcolm CasSelle is the CIO of OPSkins which is the leading bitcoin merchant in the world. It has a worldwide following and allows its users to make cross-border micropayments. There is a high demand for decentralized protocol because of the technological limitations of centralized technology. The demand has made coming up with a marketplace for […]

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OSI Group and Baho Foods

OSI Group began in 1909 as a small butcher and meat shop in the Chicago suburb. By this time the organization was called Otto & Sons. The company gained merit in 1955 because the first restaurant of McDonald’s chains choose it to be its principal supplier of ground beef. In 1973, the company opened a […]