Robert Ivy was appointed the executive vice president and chief executive officer of the American Institute of Architects in 2010. Before his appointment in the organization, Ivy had held the position of editor in chief of architectural records back in 1996. While at it, the fruits of his hard work earned him respect not only among the employees in the organization but also in the entire architecture community in the US.

Additionally, Ivy has also held the positions of vice president and editorial director of McGraw-Hill construction media in an acting capacity in 2003. In his mandate as the editorial director, he oversaw all the editorial quality of many online publications and prints. Other than the M. Arch that Ivy holds from Tulane University, he also holds a B.A in English from the University of the South in Tennessee.

Robert Ivy’s Mandates at AIA

Since his appointment to the position of executive vice president, Robert Ivy has been the profession’s advocate on social, political, and environmental fronts. He also manages the AIA offices in Washington, D.C where he is tasked with managing an annual budget of $56 million as well as many employees. Among the many mandates that the position comes with is directing the focus of the organization on practice issues and design within the institute. He is also mandated with enhancing the voice of AIA. As well, he is tasked with working collaboratively with more than 300 chapters throughout the nation and world-over to support members of the organization. Many people say good things about Ivy. George H. Miller, the 2010 AIA president, for instance, expressed his excitement when Robert took up the position saying that Robert is an experienced corporate leader which is a sought trait on the board.

Robert A. Ivy: Award-winning Leadership

Robert Ivy received the Crane Award in 2009. The Crane Award is the topmost recognition by American Business Media for a person’s contribution to the press. In 2010, Alfa Rho Chi named Ivy a master architect. With this award, he joined a list of recipients like I.M Pei and Buckminster Fuller.

AIA: Serving the Interests of Architects and the General Public

American Institute of Architects (AIA) is an organization of professional architects in the United States with its headquarters in Washington DC. The group offers government advocacy, education, public outreach, and community development to supports architectures and improves the public image of the architecture profession. Moreover, the organization operates hand in hand with other members in the field of construction and design to help in the coordination of the building industry.

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