Anil Chaturvedi is a visionary banker who has achieved tremendous success in his career of more than forty years. In the past forty years of his career, he has traveled the world working for different banking and financial organizations. Some of the banking and financial institutions that Anil Chaturvedi has worked in are Merrill Lynch, State Bank of India, and ANZ Grindlays Bank. As a leading corporate advisor, Anil Chaturvedi is often consulted by different banks and financial institutions to develop marketing and business strategy. He is also one of the top corporate advisors in the world and while at Merrill Lynch; he was part of the reputed Circle of Champions.

Anil Chaturvedi has achieved great success as the MD of Swiss-based Hinduja Bank, a private bank based in Switzerland. At Hinduja Bank, he is responsible for serving the high net worth individuals as well as corporate entities and provides them with the investment strategy. In the past few years, Anil Chaturvedi has also overseen many mergers and acquisitions as well as provided the clients with debt consolidation strategy. In the highly competitive business world, it is necessary to have the business strategists by your side. It is why Anil Chaturvedi is in high demand in the banking and business world. In the last six years that he has worked with Hinduja Bank, the bank has noticed tremendous growth.

Under the leadership of Anil Chaturvedi, the bank continues to move ahead in the right direction strategically. Anil Chaturvedi has considerable experience with international banking and has used his expertise to help foreign businesses to move their operations in India. The current trade laws in India are welcoming, simple, and easy to understand than earlier and are much more overseas business friendly. Anil Chaturvedi has been successful in bringing foreign businesses to India and has benefitted Hinduja Bank as a facilitator of the same. It would help the European business entities to increase their revenue as well as the outreach and provide more employment to people in India. As a facilitator, Hinduja Bank would get the revenue it is looking for. Anil Chaturvedi is playing a vital role in the success of Hinduja Bank.