Betsy DeVos is a successful businesswoman and political activist based in the U.S. She is the chair of the board of the Windquest Group, which she co-founded with her husband, Richard Marvin DeVos Jr., in 1989. The group is an investing company that is mainly focused on manufacturing, technology and clean energy. Betsy DeVos took an interest in politics at a very young age. She participated in campus politics during her time at Calvin College. She holds a degree in political science and business administration. Mrs. DeVos has had a very successful political career and is a member of the Republican Party. She was recently nominated by President Donald Trump for the position of Secretary of Education.


Betsy was brought up in a Christian family and believes in giving back to the community and therefore takes part in a number of charitable causes. She is also an education activist and advocates for school choice.

Betsy and her husband established the Dick & Betsy DeVos Family Foundation in 1989 to give back to the community. It is focused on promoting justice, education, arts, community and leadership. Ever since it was launched, the foundation has made contributions of $139 million to various charitable causes. Betsy also served on the board of the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts for 6 years and during this time, she provided funds that were used to run a center to train arts administration members how to raise money for their cultural institutions and manage them well. When she left the board in 2010, Betsy DeVos and her husband made a donation on $22.5 million to the center so that the education of managers and boards of directors could continue. Betsy and Richard launched an international art competition, ArtPrize, in 2009. Betsy has also done a lot in the education sector. She is an advocate for school choice, a program that will allow families and students to choose which public schools they would like to attend. She also advocates for school vouchers as this will make private schools accessible to needy students through public funding.

Other accomplishments

Betsy DeVos has had a very successful career as a businesswoman and education activist. Her political career has also been very fruitful and continues to flourish as is evident from her recent nomination for the position of Secretary of Education. She is passionate about education and therefore truly deserved the nomination. Betsy has served on the board of directors of the American Education Reform Council, Choices for Children, Alliance for School Choice and Advocates for School Choice among other organizations that are focused on reforming the U.S. education system. Her works of charity have benefited many and it is her concern for the wellbeing of the community as a whole that makes her so passionate about the things she advocated for.