Talk Fusion Founder and CEO Bob Reina’s goal continues to be to aid nonprofits and charities throughout the world to further their causes, spread their messages, and reach more people.

Since 2007, Reina has devoted himself and Talk Fusion to finding effective and new ways of helping enthusiastic people change their lives as they realize their dreams, reach their goals, build their futures, and give back to their communities all over the globe. That is done by the sharing of Talk Fusion’s cutting-edge and innovative video marketing products. Those products include Video Newsletters, Video Email, Live Meetings, and Video Chat.

As an innovator in video email, Reina created a company that revolutionized the industry and is considered to be the leader in real-time communication technology that lets people communicate anywhere around the world and at any time. He and his team turn ideas into reality after the innovative ideas are conceived in brainstorming sessions involving the constant analysis of current and future trends.

Bob’s determination to give back to nonprofits recently inspired him to launch a Custom Monthly Plan that allows each of the Talk Fusion Independent Associates in more than 140 countries to donate one free account to their chosen charity.


Their good works have included helping those who were affected by the tsunami in Japan and the Nepal earthquake, fundraisers and volunteering time and donations for the less fortunate all around the world whether for rebuilding, life-saving medical expenses, helping families financially, or whatever else might be needed.