With Head Chef Patrick Ponsarty at the helm, Brian Bonar’s new restaurant Bellamy offers one of the best dining experiences in the San Diego area. The surroundings are very similar to Patrick Ponsarty’s native France, and the chef caters on behalf of Bellamy’s. The menu was developed by Patrick Ponsarty, and offered a title to the chef whom earned a distinction as a prestigious title.

Before opening the restaurant, the dining room was re-designed to bring it up to modern standards of comfort and luxury. The menu features tasteful items such as beet sorbet; mushrooms and sea scallops in truffle-scented carpaccio; duck sauvage; wild boar; Basque wine; and macarons for dessert.

The cuisine is remarkably French, just like the surroundings are reminiscent of the Chef’s native home. What is most notable about the cuisine is that it’s not very assuming. This is a constant theme in the style of Ponsarty’s cuisine, as it is what distinguishes his culinary style from that of other French-trained chefs.

Bellamy’s is unique in that it offers a combination of California and French cuisine. This is why many people flock to the restaurant, as they are drawn to the unique farm-to-table experience that the restaurant offers. It’s a relaxed atmosphere which is able to draw in a wide range of crowds, which include families and others whom are interested in eating at a fine dining establishment. Learn more about Brian Bonar: http://www.spokeo.com/Brian-Bonar

The service is first-rate, and the atmosphere is pleasant. The cuisine is still in the French style, offering smaller plates as well as larger plates. Pricing is not unreasonable, as there are a wide range of options for those whom are looking for a wide range of menu options.

Bellamy is owned by Brian Bonar, but managed by his stepdaughter whom happens to be a big fan of the chef. Brian Bonar has been successful at many different endeavors throughout his life. His restaurant stands on the feet of many other successful business ventures.

He is the owner of Trucept, which is a financial services firm. In the past, he was the owner of Dalrada Financial. Both of these ventures successes stem from the fact that Brian Bonar has a technical background, which is a degree in mechanical engineering and a career at IBM and in management. After getting experience, he decided that he would strike out on his own and launch his own successful firm.

His very first company was called Bezier Systems, which was then followed by Dalrada Financial. Trucept is his current business venture, which has expertise in payroll and human resources matters. These matters are very time-consuming for most businesses, which Trucept is able to handle for their clients.