Not everyone has heard of the term “doxxed”. The odd word refers to the dropping of tons of documents online. Specifically, the documents would be ones filled with personal information. The Daily Beast shined a light on “being doxxed” and noting massive disasters can arise when details about a divorce, financial difficulties, and other sensitive subjects are put right out there in the open on a website. Once this type of material is published online, the search engines index it. Once prominently listed in the search engines, the more and more eyes are going to see the sensitive, private material.


As Darius Fisher, the president of Status Labs tells people, the information is not going to disappear from the search engines on its own. Concrete steps have to be taken to fix things.


In a recent Huffington Post article, Status Labs has invested a great deal of time and effort into improving the online reputation of clients from around the world. A tally of 1,500 clients in about 35 countries is the figure most often mentioned. That number is surely higher now as the company experienced a tremendous amount of positive publicity over the past several months. Revenue figures are also way up. As evident from their Tumblr, the company has moved to new offices in both New York and the Austin, TX regions. All of these are signs the company is doing very well and poised to do even better in the near future.


The Daily Beast article does provide a lot of tips to avoid having to call in a professional service. Changing online passwords, not giving out too much information on social media platforms, keeping personal, private things off the web, and running frequent Google searches to see what comes up are all advisable steps.


If anything turns out to be amiss, contact a professional to help fix the situation. The problem won’t just disappear or fix itself. For real results to be achieved, an expert has to be at the helm to perform some very deliberate tasks.

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