If there’s any issue on people’s mind today, it’s the current immigration debate. Both nativists and patriots are concerned about the future status of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, being the most important today. Many immigrants come to this country as children through no fault of their own. They are simply riding along with their parents and have only known America as their homeland. The Frontera Fund was started as a way to make sure these Americans had a chance to fight for their rights and their place in the only country they have ever known.   The most important thing to remember about the work of the Frontera Fund is that they are one of the last barriers between dreamers and deportation. They provide the funding dreamers will need to fight cases and to protect themselves from the dangers of deportation. Even though this danger is quite apparent, there are no other places they can go to find assistance. It must come from the Frontera Fund and others like this organization. Their efforts are never tiring, but are nonetheless essential for the fight against the current nativist regime that threatens to deport the children here under the DACA program.   The Trump administration has made it clear it wants to do everything it can to stop people from fighting against their nativism. After repealing DACA Trump is looking to use his wall and other political stunts to make things worse. The consequences of repealing DACA stretch far beyond the mundane. This can lead to fewer skilled workers, college graduates, and others we need. America wasn’t founded on this way of thinking and it won’t continue to prosper if this is allowed. Something must be done for those of us who are vulnerable. The Frontera Fund is fighting this battle in the heart of Arizona where much of the controversy boils. This state has given us the likes of Joe Arpaio and other nativists who wish to undue what makes America great. The time to put a stop to this has come and the right actions must be taken.