Rick Smith – Taking Securus Technologies To New Heights Of Success

Rick Smith is the owner of the leading prison communication technology company, Securus Technologies. Securus Technologies serves 2,600 correctional facilities across the country and has contracts with the correctional facilities in Canada as well. In the last few years, Securus Technologies, under the leadership of Rick Smith has grown substantially, making an investment of over […]

ClassDojo, the New Parent-Teacher Conferencing of the 21st Century

ClassDojo, $21 Million Raised for the New Teacher, Parent, and Student Communication Concept of the 21st Century In a second round of investment financing, ClassDojo raised $21 million in venture capital to continue work on technology that would help parents and educators communicate in real time about their student’s time during the school day. BY […]

Skout Allows For Travel Right From Your Fingertips

  It’s comforting to be able to get to know someone online before you actually meet them. That’s because it’s a relaxed atmosphere where people can share their thoughts and secrets without feeling awkward doing it face-to-face. After you’ve been talking to someone online for a while, however, you might feel the desire to show […]