Lime Crimes Instagram Following Has Exploded To Two Million Followers

As of May 2016 the Lime Crime Instagram following had ballooned to 2.1 million followers. That means in less than a year this company was able to attract double the number of followers they had this same time last year. That’s a pretty big accomplishment when you consider how many people are on Instagram. Doe […]

DeVos Announces New CEO of The Stow Company Inc.

Dick DeVos has just announced that his company The Stow Company Inc. will be getting a new CEO, according to a recent article published by MLive. The Stow Company Inc. focuses on custom home storage and organizational products. It is one of the largest companies in its field and has been a hugely successful investment […]

The Manse On Marsh Revolutionizing the ‘Old Folks Home’

Getting older is not easy, and many times people can feel like they are no longer a functioning part of society. Finding a safe place for older family members to stay is important. Where many “Old Folks Homes” seem more like hospitals than inviting living spaces, aging relatives may be reluctant to leave a home […]

Forefront Capital Advisors’ Partnership With Easter Seals Dixon Center Seeks To Secure Veterans’ Financial Future

Forefront Capital Advisors have partnered with Easter Seals Dixon Center. The partnership deal was announced on February 29, 2016 and it includes a donation of $3 million. Brad Reifler, the company’s CEO, shed more light on why his company chose to partner with Easter Seals Dixon Center. He cited the positive impact the center has […]