Securus: The Telephone Company Making You Safer

The reviews are rolling in about the new technology debuted by Securus Technologies recently. If you don’t know what Securus is, I’ll give you a little bit of information about them. Securus is essentially a phone company. They brand themselves as a telecommunications company, but they are not a company you want to do business […]

Nine9’s Inspiring Success Stories

Nine9 is the ultimate agency in the entertainment industry that can guide you on the right path to achieving your dreams as an actor or model. Just a look at a few of their different success stories can showcase why they are the right people to help guide you on landing real jobs. Nine9’s success […]

Securus Inmate Video Visitation

Securus Technologies, Inc. is a large contributor of parolee tracking, government information management, and detainee communication solutions. The company serves many correctional facilities in Mexico, Canada, and District of Columbia, among other penitentiary institutions all over the world. The organization is a distinguished manager in administering responsive customer service and innovative, comprehensive, technical solutions. The […]