ClassDojo is a communications platform that is being used in schools all over the world. The app helps to foster a closer connection among teachers, parents and students. Many find this new educational connection very empowering for all involved. They say it represents a ground-up change from the way the three groups have interacted in the past. ClassDojo enables teachers and parents to communicate as often as they would like during the school year and enables them to identify and address issues a student may be having before it becomes a major problem.

Created by Sam Chaudhary a Welsh-born educator with a degree in mathematical economics, ClassDojo is used in 2 in 3 schools in the United States and 180 countries worldwide. Chaudhary came to the U.S. on a tourist visa in 2011 to launch his education technology start-up. He had developed the communication platform while working as an educator in Wales. Its goal is to create a community approach to education where parents, teachers and students all collaborate to facilitate the best learning environment possible. This will lead to a positive classroom and school culture that best meets the student’s needs.

Chaudhary and ClassDojo cofounder Liam Don began reaching out to teachers in Palo Alto, California and making them aware of the communication platform. It got rave reviews and now the app has been downloaded by millions of parents and teachers worldwide through Google Play and the Apple Store. The concept is simple. Teachers upload photos and videos showing parents their child’s school work and they collaborate about ways to help the student get better results. It’s a social-media like educational tool designed to meld teachers, parents and students into an interactive community that fosters learning.

Many say ClassDojo has transformed the education process into a shared classroom experience. Parents can message teachers, monitor their children in the classroom and address issues they notice once the child gets home. There’s no need to wait for parent-teacher conferences. More than 500,000 people a day downloaded the app last summer and the company hasn’t spent a dime on marketing. They simply see it as a valuable communication platform and a tool for improving the student’s educational experience.

As ClassDojo prepares to go public, both parents and teachers are excited about the opportunity to work together to make the classroom experience a more positive one and help students to do their best.

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