ClassDojo, $21 Million Raised for the New Teacher, Parent, and Student Communication Concept of the 21st Century

In a second round of investment financing, ClassDojo raised $21 million in venture capital to continue work on technology that would help parents and educators communicate in real time about their student’s time during the school day.

BY being able to communicate this way throughout the school year or on a daily basis, parents are spared the surprising news of their child failing a class, is engaging in unacceptable behavior, or that their child is experiencing negative behavior from another student. Things you might only learn about at a quarterly scheduled conference.

This new funding will be used to hire more technicians and programmers to determine what content and features are needed for ClassDojo to be a useful communication platform parents will want to use to help with not only what is happening during the day at school, but also at home. This should prompt parents to have meaningful, constructive conversations at home with their child.

This from the ground-up technology to improve education is definitely a positive step. With the creation of community conversation among the teaching staff , students and parents, as well as create a positive culture the school classrooms will be happier teaching and learning environments. ClassDojo is currently in use at 2 in 3 schools across the United States right now. They include public, charter, and private schools, and most of the users teach grades K-8 classes.

At the time when ClassDojo was founded by Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don, in 2011, the only applications available to parents or educators were those for creating curriculum, grading, and testing. There was nothing that the teachers and parents could use together to create a connection that would give them the empowerment to effect positive change, support, and encouragement concerning the students. This information is important to ensure the student is getting the right help in his/her academic and personal development.

The mission of ClassDojo is consistently improving classrooms by bringing teachers, students, and parents together to achieve the same goal. With teachers using ClassDojo as a communication platform, they will be encouraging students to behave and perform better, and parents will become more involved in what their student is doing too. When classrooms become a welcoming and happier environment, not only are the students more willing to participate and succeed, the teachers are happier to teach them.


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