One of the greatest challenges for teachers currently is communicating with parents of their students. This is due, in part, to the country’s vastly diverse population as well as the fact that many parents in many communities work multiple jobs and dual income households in the U.S. is the standard.

High student success for any community relies on a team approach between parents and school. Therefore, a simple and effective way of communicating with families that speak English as a second language or parents who cannot be present at school events such as parent-teacher conferences is imperative. Classroom Dojo has created a wonderful new communication platform called “Translate”, that can make communication with these families much more consistent and positive on a daily basis.

The Translate platform allows teachers and schools to communicate with parents in their native language on a regularly, as well as send parents photos and videos of their child in school. This communication allows parents to be involved in their students schooling from the ground up, enabling greater student achievement and success, and the empowerment of parents who would normally not be able to support their child in school.

Often, parents of ESOL students are given important written communication only in English, causing them to miss important school information. Consistent communication with ESOL families can remedy this. By enabling regular communication ESOL families are empowered to play a bigger role in their child’s education. When parents feel empowered to participate in their children’s schooling, a more positive community culture can be created not only with in the classroom but also throughout the school. If 2 out of 3 schools were to use Classroom Dojo consistently throughout the classrooms, imagine how successful our students, and school communities could become!