Davos Real Estate Group, a brokerage company whose main headquarters is in Venezuela, announced in a recent press release that they have managed to create a new mobile application that potential property owners can utilize with the purpose of making better land investments in the future.

The Davos CAP Calculator

The Davos CAP Calculator is the name of the digital app that the corporation has been working since the first month of 2016. Gerard Gonzaléz, Davos’ Executive Director, has taken over the company’s special project and is the one who continuously communicates with the software developers from Technolution in order to ensure that the product will be finished in time and with all the features and conveniences that their clients may require.

According to the CEO, David Osio, they are aiming to introduce this application to the people who wish to invest on realty within the United States. What the Davos CAP Calculator can mainly do is estimate the monetary recompenses that the investors can ideally obtain once they bank on a specific property.

In addition to that, they have added another useful feature that allows the mobile users to calculate the mortgage that a real estate may ask for. The data that the mobile users will be given are all close to reality for the reason that the app has been programmed with the latest information in relation to interest rates, loan period, and predictions from the banks in the US.

More Apps In Line

The company revealed as well that apart from the Davos CAP Calculator, they are in the process of creating other digital applications which, similar to the latter, are meant to assist North American investors in generating the most profitable decisions through several clicks on their mobile device. When these newer apps will be released in the market, however, has not been disclosed by the Davos Real Estate Group yet.
Nevertheless, the Davos CAP Calculator currently runs in an advanced platform. This is available for downloading in any Android- or iOS-powered apparatus.

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About David Osio

David Osio is the CEO of Davos Financial Group which was established in the year 1993. The business expanded well and sprouted other companies with the Davos Real Estate Group as one of them. Via his own enterprise, Osio plans on extending help in a quick manner towards diverse people who wish to gain profits from the properties they are going to bank on.

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