Dick DeVos, the current president of the profitable investment management group, the Windquest Group, recently showed the world his competitive side during a boating competition in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The billionaire boater and his team won both the series and the final event of the boating competition held by the Fort Lauderdale Yacht Club. Dick DeVos, who has always flaunted his athletic side through his frequent participation in annual biking, boating, and sporting event, revealed that his competitive streak is not simply a business mechanism, but a part of his general makeup.

So proud of our team on Volpe! It’s humbling to have sailed with so many talented and formidable teams this weekend at the Melges 32 Blue Water Series. Congratulations to all who participated!

Posted by Dick DeVos on Monday, April 4, 2016

Dick DeVos is best known for his impressive work as president of the company that was started by his father, Richard DeVos Sr. Their family business, Amway, was extremely successful and was operated under the leadership of Dick DeVos for about three years. The billionaire would later go on to lead organizations such as the Orlando Magic franchise and the Windquest Group. Dick DeVos left every organization he led in a better position that it had been in before.

Dick DeVos is also a man who is known for his passionate support of the conservative party in the United States. His contributions to the campaigns of several republican leaders have been huge factors in their success. The entire Devos family, including those who married into it, is known for being extremely politically aware and in sympathy with conservative values and ethics. In the 2016 republican presidential season, Dick DeVos was named one of the largest contributors to the GOP’s candidates as a whole. The billionaire made a significantly large contribution to the campaign of Marco Rubio, the Florida senator who recently announced the end of his campaign following a major loss in his home state’s presidential primaries to candidate Donald Trump. DeVos also made major contributions to republican candidates on the state and local government level.

The DeVos family’s contribution to the political scene on the state and local level is not insignificant. Aside from making regular contributions to the party’s candidates, DeVos himself has run for governor in his state. DeVos’ wife has served for years on at several Michigan councils, including the council for school choice. Dick DeVos has many family members who contribute to the political scope of the Republican party or are active conservatives in their local communities. More information about Dick DeVos’ work and athletic accomplishments can be found here. The original article discussing Dick DeVos’ participation in the the Fort Lauderdale Yacht Club’s annual boating competition was published by Scuttlebutt Sailing News.

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  1. Though his bid for governor was unsuccessful, Dick DeVos has not lost his compassion and conviction to further the conservative cause in an effort to improve circumstances in the United States. It could have seemed that bestessays.com customer reviews do have a lot to lose and it is telling on them.

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