Doe Deere Ideamensch Interview
Doe Deere grew up in Russia, where at the age of thirteen she was already marketing and selling temporary tattoos to her friends. Deere relocated to New York City at the age of seventeen. Always ambitious, Deere dreamt of being a musician during childhood. She has even mentioned that perhaps that is how she ended up in the big city.

Her experience as a musician put her in the limelight and taught her a lot about being an entrepreneur. So it is no wonder that when she began her cosmetic business, Lime Crime, it became a huge success.

Currently, Deere runs the company in collaboration with her husband. The two have a history working and playing music together, an experience that has allowed them to learn how to work successfully with one another.

Deere attributes her success to following her heart. Advocating that it is important to know yourself and what drives you. Doing something one is passionate about will lead a person to success and that is exactly how Deere has generated a cult following for her makeup line. Lime Crime has gained popularity across the world and on social media platforms like Instagram.

Deere’s passion was driven by bright and bold colors. She could never really find the makeup colors she was looking for though, because these colors had yet to be produced. Instead of settling for alternative colors, Deere did something bold. She followed her heart and decided to make her own colors. It turns out she wasn’t the only one craving these vivacious tones. In part, Lime Crime has achieved such rapid success because she gave the public what they wanted, something they can’t get from any other line.

Lime Crime is a unique makeup line with unique following. Deere uses makeup as a form of expression, as do many of her fans. Browsing the Lime Crime blog and Instagram, you’ll see a variety of incredibly creative makeup designs both for bold everyday wear and a costume look. With Deere’s creative background both in music and fashion, it’s no wonder that she created a line for creative people!