If you have heard about someone who walks unapologetically with fancy hair and ear-piercing makeup, then it must have been Doe Deere. Over the years she has proved to be an invaluable asset in the life of makeup lovers. According to Doe, you can choose to rock your purple or pink hair as long as it pleases you. This “Queen of Unicorns” is a globally celebrated authority and the owner of Lime Crime, an outstanding modern-day makeup brand. Doe Deere believes that people from across all divides have their unique opportunities to bring their dreams to fruition. While she has been pursuing success all along, Deere believes that success lies in making other people, something she happily does for her clients on a daily basis.



A Little Bit of Deere’s Childhood and How Her Aspiration Came About



Doe was born and bred in Russia before moving to U.S at the age of 17. In her childhood, Doe was always ambitious and wanted to become a musician. Surprisingly, this is exactly what she did after moving to New York. Her inner person kept her on the track until she eventually started Lime Crime. Doe Deere has a significant role to play in the beauty industry. People have always had a flawed perception of makeup, where they think it used to conceal imperfections. On her daily journey, Deere works towards changing this mentality and helping people see it more as a way of freely expressing themselves through makeup. Doe is a happy luminous soul who believes in the best for all women. Learn more: http://www.doedeere.com/



Lime Crime Gets Conceived



Doe Deere set to register an eBay account in 2004, where she would showcase her newly self-made fashion line. Doe has a colorful taste, which is what she cultivated on. She crafted everything herself and made sure that her brand was outstanding. Things to do with makeup had already occupied her mind when she was sewing, and so reawakening it was quite easy. When the inspiration came, it was also triggered by necessity, and in some big way, this is attributable to the success she enjoys today. Having studied the markets and evaluated the available options for the clients, Doe Deere realized a gap in the industry; bright colors were unusual to come by. In 2008, Lime Crime was launched, and it has since grown into a tremendous success.



Unique Ways Through Which Lime Crime Sustains Their Market Relevance



Having all the departments within the company running flawlessly helps them keep track of their performance. As a CEO, Deere’s responsibility is always big. She has to set her foot onto every section of the business and offer guidance where need be. Again, she values teamwork. Whenever she conjures up new ideas, she considers a team that helps her in pushing them to fruition. When implementing, they always start off with themselves to test how authentic their products are. To them, the customers mean everything, and they have to protect them by all means. Their eCommerce platform has also grown incredibly, registering grand success for Doe Deere.