For many years, sleep apnea condition has been ignored by medics and physicians. Little light has been shown on the issue. Not until the last two decades that the issue has started getting attention since the realization that sleep apnea is closely related to diabetes and other lifestyle diseases. All through his career, an ambitious and curious Dr Avi Weisfogel has always been interested in learning more about the condition and how he can treat it. Having a degree in dentistry from Rutgers University and being a trained dentist doesn’t deter him from his goal of finding the treatment of the condition.

His pursuit and commitment has had him open the Dentist Sleep Masters, an organization that is devoted to creating awareness on sleep apnea and works closely with dentists and physicians to give treatment to patients suffering from it. He also single-handedly teaches dentists how they can incorporate this treatment as they carry on their dentistry ventures. Through this foundation, they have been able to come up with models that have helped hundreds of patients suffering from sleep apnea.

Despite being a dentists, he is an exceptional businessman. Running the business from the scratch needed some good marketing which he did exceptionally well. He tells Ideamensch that he has great ideas, puts them down on paper and uses his foresight and creativity to come up with models that can be used to treat the disease. Having adequate knowledge on business and medicine makes him a unique and successful entrepreneur. Together with his team at Dentist Sleep Masters he continues to study and come up with ways they can give their patients maximum attention and help.

In his career, Dr Avi has interacted with different types of people with different needs and health status. His empathy and compassionate nature has been drawn more towards suffering children who should never feel as such. In his spirit of generosity he founded the Fund Me Campaign that helps the Operation Smile, a charity organization that caters for in need and sick children. the many raised is used to deliver free surgical experiences to children and also provide medical care for the.