End Citizens United is an organization that was formed by grassroots donors so as to reform the political system in the United States. It was founded on March 1st 2015 to counter attack the reactions of the people in order to prevent the effect of the few rich that pour out money to ruin the elections in the United States. The main motivation behind this move is to ensure that the country becomes better through regularization of the finance system that affects elections. It is also in the goals of the organization to ensure that law makers take action so as to rectify the situation.

It has become difficult to contain the influence of the rich in the political system that is why the organization has a mission to recruit reform champions. It also has an objective to ensure that it has passing ballot measures to reduce the effects in the elections. The organization has three strategies to ensure that it achieves its objectives .One of the strategies is electing pro- reform candidates. The second strategy is raising the issue of money in politics as a national priority. The third strategy is the use of grassroots membership to demonstrate power in politics as there is power in numbers.

It is a political committee that wanted to channel millions of dollars into the election towards financing of the democratic candidates during the 2016 elections. The main goal of the organization is to steer amendments into the Supreme Court’s citizen’s decision of 2010.This is the decision that allowed the entrance of dirty money into politics and that destroyed the elections. The organization had raised millions of money to ensure that they had enough money to fund the amendment process by influencing the elections. Read more news on MSNBC about the organization.

The End Citizens announced its endorsement of 11 democratic candidates and this was in a move to create its name in politics. The reason behind backing of the democratic candidates was to facilitate election of candidates who were in support of the finance reforms. By so doing, the organization would benefit by pushing for amendments of the reforms to curb the negative influence that the rich had on the system. In the move the organization would create an independent expenditure arm aimed at funding the initiatives by the candidates such as direct mailers, television advertisements and poling.

Despite the organization having positive agendas, their motive was received with criticism by financial experts. The reason for the reaction was due to the reason that amendment of any reforms needed support from two thirds of the senate members. Achieving such a quorum may not be easy for the End Citizens United as an organization. The End Citizens United has gained fame and increased membership despite resentment from the rich few that influence elections.

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