Nowadays the desire of a consumer to buy a product is greatly influenced by the power of the crowd. Customers are relying on reviews done by the masses to determine the value of a product and trust the ones that tend to recommend them. Before purchasing a product, many people are currently researching the relevant companies and read reviews to make-up their minds. Due to this changing trend, Savvy brands exploiting its marketing strategy by focusing on the crowd reviews.

Fabletics has also not been left behind since it got established in 2013, it has developed more than two hundred percent of revenue that is more than 235 million dollars. This exponential growth has been significantly contributed by it embracing the use of crowd reviews. These consumer reviews can substantially increase customer purchase, can increase customers loyalty to a product and retention of a trademark in all industries.

In a recent research done, about 84 percent of people involved believe online reviews in the same level as a personal recommendation from an individual they know. This figure has been increasing every year the research gets done. Unlike before where the value of trust for products was low due to the traditional methods of marketing and advertising, currently, there is trust, safety, and power in views and response of the crowd.

In that research more than half of the customers involved, research a business at least once in every month. It is an increase of 23 percent. 60 percent of them said that a negative review makes them not use the business product. It shows that a company’s reputation is one the most influential customer considerations. Original, honest, reviews lift business’ bottom lines. Such reviews enhance search rankings, attracts many customers which leads to high revenue. As a business tactic, use of surveys in providing products or as part of your of customer service approach earns many loyal customers with high LTV and more returns on their investment.

It was at Beverly Hills Hotel where Kate Hudson walked over a red carpet. There were the usual hanger-on, celebs, and paparazzi that one would expect to find in Hollywood event. But this time, it was not one. Rather than marketing for a TV or a movie, they were celebrating the establishment of Fabletics’ collaboration with pop superstar Demi Lovato.

When the founders of TechStyle wanted to change the company to another brand, they did not know athleisure. But Kate Hudson came into their mind. Gregg says that Kate gave what they needed. It got attributed to her character of being approachable, straightforward and her active lifestyle. She participated in every activity of the business since day one. May it be reviewing the budget or getting a social media tactic, Kate was highly involved in it. She was also highly engaged in the process of design and worked closely with the relevant team to make sure that the styles stayed fresh.