Not everyone is confident enough to walk into an athletic store to purchase workout wear. Some will feel as if their body is not as in good shape as the others who are shopping. For this reason, many people will resort to purchasing their workout wear from websites that offer a virtual store front. Virtual stores include Amazon. For many shoppers, this is the main site they head to when they are looking to purchase almost anything. The quick shipping and offering competitive low rates is what has helped them to become one of the top sellers for almost anything that you could possibly want.


When it comes to athletic wear however; you should not sacrifice cost for quality. All the top sellers are not expensive sellers. In some cases, if you would take time to look around and see what other sites there are out there, you could come across some great deals on all athletic wear styles. Most shoppers do not know how easy it is to find better quality products for just a bit more.


If you have noticed, many of the gyms were once filled with people who would workout through various programs and the one thing that they all had in common was the plain, black pants. Many of the visitors would talk about how uncomfortable the pants were and how they wished there was something else to wear that would give them some color and that would help to accent their bodies better.


Their wish had finally came true when Fabletics came on the market. Since being released, the business has grown to a worth of over $250 million dollars. All of this money in just three years since it began. Some of this could be contributed to the style and fashion design that athletes want but majority of it is because they see someone at the fore front of the business promoting it, selling it, listening to shoppers and so much more.


When the idea was hatched regarding a line of athletic wear that would be provided to customers on a monthly shipment, Fabletics knew that it would need someone who would help them sell the items not only because they stand there selling the items but also because they, themselves are shown wearing the same outfits that they stand up for. When they thought of someone like this, Kate Hudson was quickly chosen.