There is only one airport that can be used when one is traveling from or to Somoa Islands. You shouldn’t guess any further about it now that you know its name is Fagali Airport. The airport used to be operated by agencies headed by local government. It was used as a training hub by the military. Unfortunately, it was closed down in 1992 due to the violation of pollution and noise regulations. The airport was abandoned for four years until 1996 when the Polynesian Airlines purchased it. Following its reopening, its name was changed to what it’s called today. Visit for more info.

The airport is used by international and local airlines. Somoa Air, Pogo Pogo Air, and Pacific Airways are among the airlines that use the airport. Travelers going to Canada, America, and Africa use Somoa Air since it is the only international airline found in the airport. The airport is yet to confirm if there will be more international airlines offering international flights in the future. Fagali Airport has been a source of employment to approximately 250 people. The employees ensure that they provide a safe and clean place for passengers using the airport.

The operations of the airport have been up to the standards set by the association. As a result, the airport was rewarded in 2008 by the International Flight Association for maintaining safety in the airport. Also, Fagali Airport has various amenities that help make the passengers’ trip memorable, enjoyable, and convenient. They have an in-house restaurant that is always opened. The restaurant offers different options such as desserts, lunch, drinks, breakfast, and dinner. For someone who wants to grab food on-the-go, the cafe in this airport is the place to be.

Traveling is a great way of getting unique souvenirs to act as a reminder of the places one has been. Fagali Airport offers a gift shop where one can visit to get their friends or family travel memorabilia. Despite the airport being ranked as one of the smallest airports in the world, it is one of the busiest and with some of the most captivating features. The airport boasts of having over 30,000 airlines pass through it annually. The airport is on a continuous mission of expanding so that there will be more amenities and bigger space for the people traveling from and to Somoa Islands. Check: