Fagali’i Airport is a public airport that is operated by the Samoa Airport Authority. The renowned airport is located in the Fagali’i-Uta area in Samoa. The airport serves the entire Apia area and it has had a long and interesting history.

However, the airport hasn’t always been operated by the Samoa Airport Authority. Earlier it was operated and owned by the Samoa Government and the Polynesian Airlines. Fagali’i started out as a grass airstrip. However, in 2002 on July 6th the airport was reopened after renovations had been made on it. Unfortunately, the better looking paved airport was decommissioned again. This happened in 2005 after the local villagers and the Samoa Government complained about the loud noise emanating from the airport. Safety concerns were also raised by the same parties.

Interestingly Fagili’i airport was once again opened four years later in 2009 on July 1st by the Polynesian Airlines. However, this news was not taken well by everyone. There are some people who still raised issues that touched on safety, environmental implications, and the airport’s location. These groups of people heavily criticized the move of reopening the embattled airport again. Some of them argued that the scheme might fail and cause another burden to the local community that is adjacent to it.

However, this didn’t stop the resuming of regular and additional services at Fagili’i airport. International flights to American Samoa, Tonga, and Pago Pago could now operate from this airport. Over the years some renowned airlines have also functioned from the airport. They include; Samoa Air, Talofa Airways, South Pacific Island Airways and Polynesian Airlines among others.

Fagili’i airport is strategically placed and numerous infrastructures can be spotted near it. Popular and renowned hotels are also located very close to the hotel. Some of these hotels include; Taumeasina Island Resort which is 1.5 km away from the airport. Sheraton Samoa Aggie Grey’s Hotel and Bungalows is 2.9 km away from the airport. Insel Fehmarn Hotel which is almost adjacent to the airport and many others. All these hotels provide world-class services and they feature all the modern amenities that current hotels have.