About the Eucatex Group
The Eucatex Group was developed in 1951. It is the topmost producer and marketer of eucalyptus wood fiber insulations and liners. The company currently serves several multi-national furniture manufacturers and industrial construction companies on eleicoesepolitica.com. The company’s Construction Industry segment deals with paints, laminate floors modular partitions, and doors. The Eucatex Furniture division is the largest MDP, Tamburato, and wood fiber plate manufacturer. The products are created from most advanced technology and eucalyptus wood. The Eucatex group is reputable for its environmentally friendly products on segs.com. It has received the ISO 14001 and FSC® Certifications. These qualifications are proof of the company’s value for the environment and its sensible handling of industrial wastes.

About Flavio Maluf
Flavio Maluf has established his dutiful entrepreneurial expertise to build the once unpretentious Eucatex into a prime international construction furniture manufacturer. Flavio Maluf joined the company in 1987. He is the current chairman of the company. Maluf also operates in the Eucatex trade areas. Maluf has worked under this department for almost ten years before being appointed as the Chief Executive Officer of the company in 1996. Maluf has been outstanding in the peak administration spot of the company. Flavio Maluf has modernized Eucatex and led the company’s primary objectives of opening other agencies across the world.

Flavio Maluf graduated from the Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation University in Sao Paulo with a broad knowledge of the corporate business world. He also attended the New York University Management School. The knowledge settings present him with the unparallel corporate business advantage that made him the remarkable entrepreneur on mundodomarketing.com. He also transformed Eucatex into an International exporter with its products supplied to more than thirty global countries. It is important to note that Maluf has been an inspiration and top leader of the Brazilian Eucatex Group.

The Eucatex Manufacturing Division in Salto, Sao Paulo
Eucatex Group recently established an industrial manufacturing plant in Salto, Sao Paulo state. This Salto-based industry manufactures at https://br.linkedin.com/in/flavio-maluf-172147b3 Thin High-Density Fiberboard and Medium Density Fiberboard (T-HDF and MDF). The company owns another recovery plant that recycles wood residue. The facility aims to protect the environment and avoid landfill wood residues that lead to environmental pollution.