When FreedomPop said they wanted to provide the best, most affordable and reliable service to as many users as they could reach, they were serious. Early in 2015 this service provider took a step that only reinforces their goal when they unveiled their new Wi-Fi plan.

Android smartphone users now can access unlimited text, talk and data through their Wi-Fi network for $5 a month. This service is being made available using the FreedomPop App. This means that availability to millions of hotspots in the United States, and some of those that are not available to the public at large.

Along with this new plan and App comes a feature called ‘auto-connect access’, which simply eliminates the need to connect manually and cuts out the necessity of authentication pages. The two biggest advantages are the obvious savings as this is the lowest rate in the market for any comparable service, and assisting users to maintain a lower data usage rate.

When this new Wi-Fi plan was released, the CEO of FreedomPop announced that the number of hotspots would be more than doubled before 2016. Their network plans included bringing access to such locations as Starbucks and McDonald’s to name a few. If there was any question about the intention or longevity of this service provider, those questions have been long since put to rest. Their intention to provide service and price they’ve been doing since their inception, and the growth recognized by FreedomPop indicates that they have no plans of going anywhere soon.

With no intention of slowing down, FreedomPop continually searches for smarter, better and more affordable ways to open the doors of communication to as many as possible. History says that the future is bright for FreedomPop, and their customers can hear that loud and clear…and for less now, too!

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