George Soros has a long history of supporting progressive causes. This can easily be traced back to his family’s roots in Nazi-occupied Hungary in 1944, where Soros describes them as not only surviving, but finding ways to help others, as well.

Helping others, particularly the marginalized, has been the focal point of Soros’ life and foundation. Historically, this has included disenfranchised European minorities, black Africans under apartheid, those suffering from addiction, sex workers, LGBTI community members, and any others who faced discrimination for their identities.

Soros has been open about his aims, based largely on Karl Popper’s philosophies about open society and its benefits on residents. George Soros finds ways to support and promote those societies which allow freedom of expression, individual representation to a transparent, accountable government, and access to justice for all members. Since beginning his investment career in 1970, Soros has opened Open Society Foundations in a network spanning over 100 countries around the globe in support of these ideals.

Based on education and experience, Soros believes that societies do best when individual health, welfare, and rights are promoted and respected. In addition to supporting agencies and organizations which work towards those goals, Soros has donated to those most harshly impacted by inequality. He has invested in lawyers for thousands of unlawfully held or convicted citizens in the U.S., and is credited with funding the only significant effort in Europe to integrate and provide for the Roma people who have been historically marginalized.

Looking to the future, Soros, now in his 80s, has his work cut out for him. He’s been a proponent of same-sex marriage and the medical marijuana movement, and his progressive agenda makes him a natural foil for Donald Trump, who he has criticized sharply in the past. With over $30 billion in assets to his name, Soros is likely to present a significant force in the resistance against potentially harmful executive orders and his influence and resources will be more in demand than ever.

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