George Soros is a well known figure in the world of international finance, mainly due to the success of the company he founded, Soros Fund Management. But he has also authored numerous books and frequently gives his opinion on global political and financial matters. His opinion pieces are published in numerous places, both in print and online.

Recently, Soros has written about the situation in Ukraine and what he believes the European Union and the rest of the world should do about it. In an article published by The New York Review of Books, Soros has warned that internal issues, such as the euro, Greece and the migrant crisis, as well as the external issue of Russian aggression against Ukraine, have caused a crisis that could cause the disintegration of the EU if not addressed properly.

He believes that to reverse this process, European Union countries should work together to help the new Ukraine thrive and stand up to aggression from Russia. By establishing better cooperation between its member states, Soros believes that the EU can regain the spirit of solidarity that it had when it was first established.

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In another article published by The New York Review of Books, Soros reminds the world that the sanctions imposed on Russia by the EU and the United States have worked well to inflict damage on the Russian economy. He states that it is now time for the world and especially the EU to provide the necessary support to the new Ukrainian state, as this has a good chance of persuading Russian President Vladimir Putin to abandon his attempts to destabilize Ukraine. The measures that he proposes involve providing the needed financial assistance to Ukraine so that it can start rebuilding itself and grow its economy. As the nation is having trouble reaching an acceptable deal with its creditors after having its economy negatively affected by Russian aggression, Soros is urging Ukraine’s creditors to provide some form of debt relief. He writes that this would turn Ukraine from a country that is constantly on the brink of bankruptcy to one that is rapidly growing and attractive to private investment from all over the world.

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