GreenSky is a world leader in the consumer finance market which deals with Home Improvement, Patient Credit, Retail, and Unsecured Loan options. The corporation has developed strong business relations with service providers, dealers, and retailers in various states across the United States. Its headquarters are found in Atlanta Georgia, and the operational facility is located in Covington, Kentucky. This corporation services its portfolio via a loan servicing company in compliance with SSAE 16 Type II.

The company was founded in 2006 and since then, it has played a significant role in enhancing small business and consumer credit allowing more affordable and extensive access to business financing. The establishment serves different clients who range from the largest and most demanding companies in the world to medium-sized and small enterprises and customers across the country. The scalable technological solutions, processes offered by this company significantly enhance the lives of different clients. The company is recognized across the country due to its ability to provide custom-built credit solutions to clients, which lead to accelerated cash flow and improved sales.

In the recent past, the firmed scored a big win with its initiative to partner with the American Express, a plan that provides the fast-developing company access to the strong mercantile base of American Express. While the number of merchants on the GreenSky LLC platform will enjoy an enormous boost due to this plan, this collaboration will also harmonize the American Express’s revamped growth which typically focuses on luring more customers. Notably, as American Express promotes the offerings of GreenSky directly to either the potential or existing clients, the deal is supposed to allow GreenSky to grow its income with a little effect on the operating costs.

GreenSky’s role as the arbitrator between potential borrowers and the lenders with sound credit histories shows that the company does not come with big credit risk. According to the firm’s boss, the relations developed with banks, home improvement companies, and healthcare providers will still be vital to its growth in future as indicated by the strong Q2 performance outcomes of the firm. On the other hand, the company’s partnership with Amex also adds another significant dimension of development, with a high growth potential of the partnership anticipated in 2019.