Dr. Jennifer Walden is one of America’s most respected Board Certified Plastic Surgeons. After receiving her undergraduate degree in Biology at The University of Texas at Austin she was accepted into medical school at UT Galveston. Dr. Walden has a very fun and creative personality, which she says played a major role in her decision to go into plastic surgery. Upon completion of her program at The University of Texas Medical Branch, she was accepted to a fellowship program at the Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital. She has had extensive training with with some of New York’s most prominent surgeons, and eventually opened her own practice in the Manhattan area. After a few years, Dr. Walden decided she was ready to have children. She is currently one of the only women to hold a seat on American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery After having twin sons in late 2010, she decided to return home where she could provide the same services to her community and most importantly, allow her children to be with her family. She returned to Austin, where she was raised, and opened a practice right in her home town.

Dr. Walden was raised in Austin, Texas and was the daughter of a dentist and surgical nurse. Growing up, her family was very close and important to her. She has four other siblings, who also now have very successful careers. It is through the support of her close knit family, and occasional nannies that Dr.Walden was able to establish her new practice from the ground up in Austin. She is known to maintain some of the highest standards in her operating room, which is just a few feet away from her small cozy office, offering a more relaxed feel. Her inspiration is driven on the hopes of reaching and inspiring other young women to pursue their career goals without inhibition. After all, women can do it too!


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