Aloha Construction is a fully certified, bonded and insures contractor. It is based in Lake Zurich, Illinois. This company has maintained an excellent reputation that has earned it a big name and great reviews. It is always wise to check the customer reviews of any company before making a destined decision on whether it’s the best or not. HomeAdvisor is among the reviewers of this company. HomeaAdvisor is a website that offers customers with various types of experts for their construction work. They offer clients a platform where they can check reviews and the charges for various services as well as an organization of emergency repairs. When a client enters his or her details, the site will offer the four best professional companies for the job. This helps the customer to make their destined decisions on who they would like to work with. This site was initially a ServiceMagic in 1999. It then became a HomeAdvisor and finally became a full online resource.


Aloha Construction has a rating of 4.65 out of the 5-star rating. This rating has been attained from an average of 9 verified reviews. Aloha Construction has been featured on HomeAdvisor for over three years. They have managed to pass through the screening and approval process. They have also been rated for the Elite Service by their customers and gained a Top Rated accomplishment as well. They have been able to be displayed as badges on the profile of HomeAdvisor.

Their positive reviews on HomeAdvisors majors in their prolific and outstanding customer service, and the manner in which they manage to correctly and quickly complete their work. Their customers are also happy and satisfied with their level of communication and the way in which they can fix and fit their duties even during the busy days and under a tight schedule. There are also highly recommended for their capability in assessing and repairing old and outdated homes that have poor maintenance.

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