Jason Hope graduated from Arizona State University with an MBA. Shortly after, he founded a successful mobile communications company, Jawa, which set the path for his journey in the tech industry.

Starting Out
Jason Hope’s first company, Jawa, served as a launching point for future successful projects. From Marketing services to Digital Media Solutions, Jason was knee deep in the tech industry. Other investments in his portfolio includes companies that are involved with Computer and Business Information Systems and Interactive Software.

Whats Coming Next
Jason Hope believes that now, the Internet Of Things, is going to be the next massive technology push but with its own set of challenges for the industry. Investing in the Internet-of-Things can prove disastrous, which is why Jason has written an articles about the five things you should know before investing in the Internet of Things.

Even as exciting as Jason’s predictions and outlook on the Internet of Things sounds, he doesn’t stop there. From the tech industry into medical research, Jason has made a philanthropic effort to push for a healthier future.

The SENS Foundation
Jason’s has done this by donating $500,000 to the SENS Research Foundation. The SENS Research Foundation is a non-profit organization which focuses on preventing aging. They fund research work around the world and also conduct research in their own center located in Mountain View, California.

The SENS Research Foundation is working to find ways to prevent aging with the help of regenerative medicine. Reversing and repairing the damage from age-related diseases and the damage to the body is a major task, but with Jason Hope’s donation of $500,000 he clearly believes in the SENS Research Foundations goal.

Now more than ever technology is connecting all of us together. From your watch to a bracelet around your arm, you can stay connected with emails, texts, and social media updates effortlessly and with the work The SENS Foundation hopes to accomplish you’ll be doing that for a long time to come.