Talk Fusion has been determined to assisting individuals from the time it was established in 2007. The mission of Talk Fusion is to build features, realize dreams and give back to the society across the globe. This is the type of dedication that transforms lives and nobody is as devoted to this mission as Bob Reina


Bob always quotes that with great accomplishment comes greater obligation. This concept is a fundamental part of the culture of talk fusion and its part of the business DNA, driving every activity within the company. For that reason, everyone strives to achieve more and to assist more individuals. Under the leadership of Bob Reina, motivation to create a difference is in no short supply.


Involvement of Bob Reina in supporting non-profit making organizations even encouraged him to take other steps further. He lately launched a program that permits every talk fusion associated to give one free account to the charity of their preference. The gift account is for a custom monthly plan, and it is one of the best programs that comprises complete customization, branding and access to all video marketing products of Talk Fusion.


His objective was simple but very powerful. The goal was to assist non-profits and charities across the world reach more individuals, spread their messages, and further their cause in a manner that was not possible before.


For several years, Bob Reina has committed himself to coming up with modern and efficient means of assisting individuals attain their objectives and live their dreams by having a share of innovative and cutting-edge video marketing products of Talk Fusion.


Whether it was the second opportunity of rebuilding, cash for life-saving medical cost or the capability to assist relatives and family financially, every story confirms his mission to put the unmanageable within reach. And every time a member utilizes their achievement to pay and create a difference in the life of an individual, the vision of Bob becomes clearer.


About Bob Reina


Bob Reina is an ex-police officer and founder and President of Talk Fusion. He joined the University of South Florida and after completing his studies, he joined the Tempa Police Academy where he graduated position one in his academy class. This made him earn a high-status Award of Merit.


As a law enforcement officer, he worked in several departments comprising patrol, crimes against assets and major crimes against human beings. In 1991, Bob engaged himself in network marketing and worked on a part-time basis while still working as a police officer.

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