IAP Worldwide Services provides logistic services like base installations, civilian services, and technical solutions that may range from moving people to the installation of power plants. The company offers its services from over 100 locations in 25 countries worldwide.

Their extended experience of more than 60 years in the logistics industry has enabled IAP Worldwide Services to build a reputation as a global logistics company that is committed to exceeding the expectations of its clients.

IAP Worldwide often undertakes tasks that require it to work in extremely demanding conditions that require the ability to provide logistical and technological solutions to even maintain a smooth operation of the deployed workforce. The major specialties of IAP’s logistic services include;

1. Aviation operations, maintenance, and support services.
2. Emergency response through timely responses in cases of natural disasters and calamities that threaten human life. IAP provides life-sustaining products like water, power solutions, and emergency medical supplies to any remote areas around the world.

3. IAP provides expeditionary services like field hospitals, construction, and installation of different types of infrastructure that modifies a project site to match the specific needs required by the client’s workforce.

4. IAP provides logistic and supplies chain services like transportation of people and employees, delivering all goods necessary for a successful operation. The offers additional services like shipping and procurement.

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IAP Worldwide has a reputation for putting its customers’ needs above everything else. Once IAP has been hired to undertake a logistic exercise, the firm’s team of professionals will address the customers’ task as if it belonged to them. The experts will use their expertise to come up with structural solutions that guarantee that the customers receive the best outcome possible.

To improve its efficiency, IAP Worldwide Services has purchased numerous firms that are set to contribute to improving its service delivery and boosting its customers’ satisfaction. Some of the acquired subsidiaries include DRS Technologies Inc.’s Aviation and Logistics business (A&L) based in Oklahoma, Tactical Communications and Network Solutions business (TCNS), and G3 Company located in U.K.

IAP’s subsidiary companies provide technological solutions for engineering, communication support solutions, mission support activities and information technology. The companies were acquired as IAP’s long- term growth strategy and enhanced their logistic support solutions.

During employee selection, IAP management ensures that they select experts with unique skills in engineering, construction, program management and other fields. The experts contribute their unique talents to form a robust task force that looks forward to creating a difference in the world.

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