Anti-aging is something most people can relate to. As people age, their bodies change. But modern discoveries have allowed people to repair changes and sometimes completely eliminate certain age effects that happen to the body overtime. But if with all of the modern technologies and medicine, there are still illnesses that plague people as they age. Dementia, Alzheimer’s and diabetes are just a few illnesses that some elderly people suffer from. For these illnesses to be cured and their effects to be reversed on the body, research is taking place.

Medical research on aging illnesses is costly. Some of the nation’s wealthiest people are putting their wealth into anti-aging initiatives. Billionaire Peter Thiel has made large donations to anti-aging foundations. He has donated over three million dollars for research. Jason Hope a wealthy Arizona entrepreneur is joining the ranks of the extremely wealthy who are funding efforts to fight the signs and advancement of aging on the human body. More about of Jason Hope at City Scene.

Jason Hope is a prosperous businessman. He has earned the majority of his wealth from internet ventures. He is a business consultant and an inventor. He has an eye for the future. As wise and smart businessman, he places his money into things that he knows will reap great rewards. Now, the businessman is focused on placing his money into research that will help out the lives of hundreds of millions of people who suffer from diseases due to old age. He has donated around a million dollars of his own money and he plans to donate more. Mostly, he donates his time, energy, mission and money to the SENS Foundation.

SENS Foundation was created in 2009. The non profit addresses medical issues and illnesses related to aging. They tackle some of the hardest diseases to fight. They tackle these diseases through research and these research efforts are made possible from the donations of people like Jason Hope. They are a pioneering foundation that studies and focuses on rejuvenation biotechnology. Rejuvenation biotechnology is something Jason Hope feels strongly about. Rejuvenation biotechnology centrally focuses on rejuvenation stem cells to repair the body.

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