Securus Technologies got their start as a leading network provider making tremendous strides to serve the needs of the general public by giving access to a monitored network. However, their customers have played a stake in the reliability and safety of the network. Customers have lead the way in illegal activity by not being afraid to give Securus feedback. Their high level of customer service has allowed them to be recent winners of the prestigious BBB Accreditation award. They are committed to quality inmate calling features that saves their customers time and money while still serving the safety needs of the general public.


Interactive Securus Technologies Features


In addition to, reporting several factors that could compromise the integrity of the network, Securus has made an effort to combine services through companies like Vimeo and JPay Services. Technological advances have contributed to them being chosen over other networks ten to one. Their customers are excited about the savings at a rate of $4 to $1 in comparison to companies like Global Tel-Link. They provide actual minutes according to their fees and customers are guaranteed every minute under their contract.


Video Chat


Talk to your loved ones over the internet and receive the benefits of a high definition video. You have personalized control over the audio and the picture with a click of just a few buttons located on the screen.


Inmate Voicemail


For $1, you can leave an inmate a message for them to retrieve when they have access to their account. Most inmates say, this prepares them for an independent lifestyle outside of a correctional facility. They can even get a voicemail from their legal counsel.


You’re invited to become a part of the Securus Technologies network today by giving them a call or visiting their exclusive website.