Jose Manuel Gonzalez is a horticultural businessperson. Jose was president of FEDECAMARAS. He is right now delegate to the National Get together by Guárico State. He offers us the nature of two progressive encounters of open administration from two diverse yet correlative territories. It is a dynamic business visionary acquired to legislative issues.

Jose Manuel Gonzalez had believed shakiness influences the gainful result. In agrarian states it is plain. Guarico is a risky state, several agriculturists paying immunizations criminal posses, more than 10 kidnappings for each week, carjackings that get to be blackmail. “There is a district in Guarico where this circumstance is distinctive. What’s more, we see that city governments, territorial or national government do something to take care of the issue. ” The cash, rather than going to generation targets sorted out wrongdoing acting with exemption. He had believed there was a political balance within his field of agriculture.

González was conceived in Gijón, Asturias. His birth date is September 19th, 1970. He has lived in Tremañes, Asturias in 2012. The 2012 Asturias Day festivities were held at the Asturian Parliament. He was a member in the granting of the Awards of Asturias segment, getting a silver one for his Paralympic sportsmanship.

González has contended in an aggregate of six Summer Paralympics, first contending in the 1992 Diversions in Barcelona where he won bronze in the 200m and 400m C8 sprints and silver in the C5-C8 100m hand-off. In Atlanta in 1996 he again contended in the hand-off and 200m yet his lone award was a second bronze in the 400m.

This would end up being his last decoration as he neglected to award in the 400m or either hand-off in the 2000 Summer Paralympics, at the 2004 Summer Paralympics he contended in the 400m, 800m and 4x400m hand-off and at the 2008 Summer Paralympics he contended in the 800m.

In May 2012, González was on the waitlist of Spanish sportspeople from Asturias liable to contend at the London Paralympics. Contending at the 2012 Summer Paralympics, he completed fifth in the 800 meters with a period of 2:15.99. He was one of four contenders from Asturias to contend at the Diversions.

José Manuel González is a paralympic competitor from Spain contending in classification T36 track occasions as well as a successful business man. He holds much wisdom to share in his profession. He will continue to grow his industry and influnece those around him.