Kevin Seawright wanted to make a difference in communities and he has succeeded. He started off his career as the Deputy Chief Operating Officer for the city where he held multiple responsibilities. Some of these jobs include keeping an eye over two hundred administration buildings, eighty hundred employees and eighty thousand students in the city.

Not only was he able to successfully handle this responsibility, he was also able to cut down unnecessary overtime and missed work time by twenty-five percent. He oversaw a three year renovation project for the school systems. These renovations cost approximately six hundred million.

His ten years in this program helped the city build rapport and this helped him secure his position at Tito Contractors as their Operations Vice President. He enjoyed this position for a little over three years. One of the first things he did in this position was to meet with eight other employees and create a new accounting department. He also installed a performance tracking system for the companies private and government contracts. Visit to learn more.

With a two years separating his previous job and current job he served as an executive director for Collington Episcopal Life Care Community and for RPS Solutions in Newark, New Jersey. Now he is the Chief Operations Officer and Managing Partner of RPS Solutions.

In this position he manages day-to-day contracts with daily operations coming from seven direct reports and an average of twenty contractors. He is proud of his ability to secure and retain a large amount of staff and volunteers. This is crucial to RPS Solutions as they help people with all different types of financial ability secure homes of their own.

With a goal to improve communities, Kevin Seawright has achieved his goal and is only continuing that legacy through RPS Solutions and beyond.