Krishen Iyer is known as an entrepreneur, humanitarian, and insurance industry innovator. Building on knowledge he gained while earning a Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration and Urban Development at the San Diego State University, Krishen Iyer began experimenting with a name-your-price style insurance company and expanded as he saw industry gaps. Additionally, he essentially created the “email marketing for insurance” niche.

Smith’s October 2018 article on Gazette’s site explains why Krishen Iyer advises insurance firms to consider analog and digital formats when developing brand awareness. First, social media and digital devices bombard society to the point of overwhelming members with information. Second, some demographics, operating systems, AI devices, and software versions do not integrate smoothly. Krishen Iyer predicts that current technology will become the equivalent of analog as developments progress.

With the introduction of smart technology, people often speak a recognized term to a digital listening device. This process eliminates search engine suggestions. Without suggestions, prospective customers may not become brand aware of new or small insurance providers. Krishen Iyer asserts that this makes it harder for companies to reach their target markets.

Although digital marketing and sales outlets allow providers to stay connected to the buyer throughout the process, this is not the case with voice-activated operations. Krishen Iyer points out that the customer tends to speak the name of the first brand that comes to mind. Therefore, it is imperative that companies use available platforms to make their brand memorable. He also notes that companies that embrace voice technology will advance over ones that disregard it.

Iyer diligently researches ways to improve marketing strategies for his clients and help them adapt to changes in technology and trends. He strives to see each client customize a memorable approach to a defined target audience.