The life of a high ranking legal official in Brazil can be a difficult one, but the Minister of the Superior Electoral Court, Luciana Lossio, finds time to relax by enjoying her hobby of horse riding. The stress and long hours worked by this respected lawyer and lawmaker are often ended with weekend equestrianism that provides an outlet for success, which has resulted in the lawyer being awarded Brazilian amateur riding titles as she managed to successfully juggle both legal life and her love of horses.

The career of Luciana Lossio began in 1999 with the completion of her initial law studies at the University Center of Brasilia, which was already a member of the Brazilian bar association and allowed Lossio to begin her legal career with a respected degree. Not only does the career of Lossio see her complete degrees in Civil Procedure and a second area of study, Law, State and Constitution. Despite rising through the ranks of the Brazilian legal profession to become a major political figure Luciana Lossio has looked to continue her studies with a graduate degree in Legal Order and the Prosecution.

Educational success has led to a continued level of achievement in the legal profession for Luciana Lossio, including her promotion to become the first female lawyer to hold the position of Subsitute Minister of the Superior Electoral Court. The initial promotion as a Substitute Minister came in 2011 and has now been followed by a promotion to the role on a full time basis, which came after a seven year stint as a member of the Attorney General’s Office that saw Lossio become involved with some of the best known policy ideas to come out of the department in the 21st century.

One of the most sought after legal minds in South America, Lossio has worked for respected clients in a number of legal areas that show the wide range of skills she has developed over the course of her impressive career.

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  1. Lossio does not look to limit herself to political success and has maintained an active legal practice with some major clients seeking her skills and success as a legal professional. It is so true that could have gotten all that they want if they have an understanding of all of this.

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