As of May 2016 the Lime Crime Instagram following had ballooned to 2.1 million followers. That means in less than a year this company was able to attract double the number of followers they had this same time last year. That’s a pretty big accomplishment when you consider how many people are on Instagram.

Doe Deere, the Founder and CEO of Lime Crime is known as a pioneer because of the business model she created around e-commerce and cosmetics. She is responsible for introducing the world to the “on-lip” lipstick swatch. This swatch allows women to see exactly how a particular lipstick will look on their lips.

According to Deere, one of the goals of her company is to create the best possible interactive shopping experience for makeup enthusiasts all over the world. Instagram is a platform that allows them to do that.

Unlike most makeup companies that use Instagram, Lime Crime doesn’t push product after product to its followers.

To create a fun and engaging community the Lime Crime Instagram account posts photos of fans using the products. The photos are tagged with the hashtag #LimeCrime so even more people will be able to see the photos. These simple moves have helped Lime Crime surpass the 2 million follower mark in less than a year.

Sharing fan submitted photos is a great way to showcase what is possible with the Lime Crime cosmetic line. The hope is that the photos will inspire fans from all over the world to be bold and fearless in whatever they choose to wear.

About Doe Deere

Doe Deere is the Founder and CEO of Lime Crime Cosmetics. Growing up the city of New York exposed her to a variety of different styles and inspired her to be free. Deere is the type of person who doesn’t believe in following the “rules”. She believes in defining beauty for yourself and wearing whatever makes you feel good.

She is a self proclaimed unicorn and is always pushing the boundaries when it comes to fashion. She isn’t afraid to wear whatever she wants and her makeup line represents that. The line consists of very vibrant and bold colors that most cosmetic companies wouldn’t dare create.

Her goal was to create a line so vivid and bright that it would be illegal to wear it.

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  1. Instead they focus on creating a fun and engaging community that naturally helps them spread the word about the company. Its safe to say she has succeeded at that goal. I also do have the feeling that can come up with something so important and easy to deal with/

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