Autism is a developmental disorder that has become a menace in many countries worldwide. Autism not only affects how a person interacts with the world but also has a huge toll on the families that have to endure this on a daily basis. In light of this, Dubai Autism Awareness scheduled on April second has come up with a creative way for you to support the innocent victims of this condition as well as the people who take care of them day on end. For as little as Dh50, you can attend the Autism Rocks festival alongside your family on the first of April and watch renown artists like Flo-rida and Tyga give chilling performances as they raise awareness about autism and seek financial support on this condition.

The main aim of this event, ‘Autism rocks’ sponsored by Usha and Sanjay Shah Denmark is to change the perception of people towards those affected with autism and the way they are treated in today’s society. Usha and Sanjay have experienced first-hand the challenges of autism with their son, Nikhil. They have therefore committed to see that this condition is given more attention as well as create an avenue for further research in this particular area.
Autism Rocks is a live charity concert and was founded in the year 2014. Autism Rocks has seen the raising of over six hundred thousand euros with popular musicians like Prince, Lenny Kravits, Michael Buble and even Drake gracing the event all around the world.

Sanjay shah is the founder and the CEO of Solo Group Holdings and also the owner of Aesa S.a.r.l. Shah also has accrued many companies across London, The British Virgin Islands, Dubai, Luxembourg and The Cayman Islands.

In his interview with Global Citizen Magazine, Shah mentioned to them that he studied medicine before deciding that being a doctor did not suit him. He shifted careers and became an accountant and worked for several investment banks that include Credit Suisse and Morgan Stanley. He lost his job during the 2009 financial crisis and from then decided to start his own brokerage company. He said that after the son was diagnosed with autism at four years, he was left devastated. He had to something about it and one day while having a cup of tea with the famous Snoop Dogg, an idea popped out of his mind and that is when he realized that he could use famous artists to spread awareness about autism.

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