Malcolm CasSelle is the CIO of OPSkins which is the leading bitcoin merchant in the world. It has a worldwide following and allows its users to make cross-border micropayments. There is a high demand for decentralized protocol because of the technological limitations of centralized technology. The demand has made coming up with a marketplace for virtual assets which is decentralized a top priority. Following this demand, OPSkins are planning on launching a new blockchain platform to trade virtual assets known as Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX). WAX will offer a platform where both sellers and buyers can transact in an efficient manner.

The two biggest problems that virtual asset markets face are fraud and fragmentation. WAX seeks to solve these two problems with the help of a blockchain enabled widget which allows users to buy and sell virtual assets simultaneously without having to click off their game. Using the blockchain enabled widget, traders can sell and buy gaming assets without having to click off the screen. It not only solves fragmentation in the virtual asset market but also geographical fragmentation. It is common that when a person wants to transact on a platform, but the platform lacks a common utility token the user cannot transact with other users who have a different cryptocurrency. They have to engage the services of a middleman. However, WAX Token acts as a common currency for all users. The WAX Token helps eliminate any FOREX problems that are now common in most markets. There are so many security issues and fraud cases in the virtual asset market. WAX has mitigated these issues with smart contracts. It also mitigates the fraud problem by eliminating intermediaries.

Malcolm CasSelle who is the president of WAX has in the past said how confident he is in the platform. He even suggested that the platform has the power to ignite the cryptocurrency world into the mainstream. With Malcolm CasSelle leading the project, you can be confident it will work because he has plenty of experience with plenty of success in previous projects he has led.

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