Contour Design has taken innovation one step further with the new RollerMouse Red keyboard. What is that, you might ask? Well, let us explain! First, you can forget about the old standard keyboards! This is because once you check the new RollerMouse Red, the way you type will never feel the same. In fact, all you have to do is check out the reviews on it on NewsWatch TV and you will be completely blown away!

Say hello to RollerMouse Red

The truth is, there are roughly three billion people who use the computer every single day. That’s almost half of the world to be exact! Furthermore, that’s a lot of people who are in pain! Let us explain. The fact that traditional keyboards cause so much pain for ordinary people like you and me, has gotten the attention of one company, Contour Design. And in those regards, they created the RollerMouse Red keyboard. Which, is the company’s newest version of the original RollerMouse keyboard. So now you can definitely say goodbye to pains in your neck, back, arms, hands, and wrists! The new design features a longer and larger rollerbar than other versions of the RollerMouse. Also, the left click is now verticle! Your fingertips should appreciate that! Additionally, the RollerMouse Red design is for people with smaller & medium sized hands. And if you have larger hands, don’t panic, Contour Design also created the RollerMouse Red Plus with you in mind.

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