OSI Food Solutions is a company that was formed in 1909 at Chicago in the United States. The company primarily deals with the production of meat products and has managed to be successful in the business being ranked among the best food production companies in the world. The company’s headquarters are located in Aurora, Illinois in the United States. OSI Food Solutions has a long history of success. Before becoming a large company, it started as a small family meat business which was started by a German Immigrant known as Otto Kolschowsky.

After 2 years of service to its customers, it grew to become a wholesale company that processed meat and sold to customers in wholesale. At this time, it was known as Otto and Sons. The company managed to be very successful and built a good reputation for itself. It got to be known for the quality meat and delivery services it offered to its customers. Later on, in 1955, it got a tender of producing meat products to McDonald’ first restaurant which was opened at Des Plaines in Illinois. The company soon embraced Cryogenic food processing which was a method of preserving meat products. It prevented the company from loses due to spoilt food. OSI Food solutions soon became the official suppliers of McDonald’s company.

The company did not stop there but went ahead to open a meat plant in Chicago. This plant boosted the processing of meat products for the company and after some time, it changed its name to OSI industries. The competent team at OSI Food Solutions has really played a great role in the success of the company. They have succeeded in forming partnerships with other companies that have played a big role in the development of the company. The team has also expanded markets to various places such as India where it created Vista Processed Foods. The biggest achievement of OSI Food Solutions was when it managed to acquire Baho Foods which was also a food processing company in Europe. It helped the company in a great way by opening a way for the company to trade in the European market. It is without a doubt that OSI Food Products has been a success and is still working its way to greater heights.

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