OSI Group began in 1909 as a small butcher and meat shop in the Chicago suburb. By this time the organization was called Otto & Sons. The company gained merit in 1955 because the first restaurant of McDonald’s chains choose it to be its principal supplier of ground beef. In 1973, the company opened a plant in West Chicago under the name of Otto & Sons. The new plant was committed to producing meat for McDonald’s. The company later changed its name to OSI Group in 1975. The company had expanded to Utah as well as to Germany by the end of the 1970s. In the 1980s, OSI enlarged its operation into Taiwan, Brazil, and Austria. In addition to this, the organization opened another facility in Chicago. Moreover, OSI increased its presence in Mexico, the Philippines, and other places in Europe. Currently, the organization has 65 plants within 17 countries and its one of the largest privately held organizations in the world. Over the last five years, the company has been expanding its operations to various parts of the world.

Baho Food Acquisition

Baho Food produces deli meats including various snack foods. The company sells its foods to Germany and Netherlands markets. OSI Group just bought Baho food to expand its reach in the Netherlands. Moreover, the acquisition of Baho will allow OSI to increase its presence in so many areas in Europe as well. According to executives from OSI, the product portfolio from Baho Foods will help in strengthening the current line of products of OSI to promote its capacity to serve its ever-changing needs of its customers.

Baho has five subsidiaries across Germany and the Netherlands. In addition to this, the company has a presence in 18 countries in Europe. Many of the executives of Baho will still maintain their positions and work with executives from OSI Group on growth strategies. In an interview, the executives from Baho claimed they were happy to be part of the international food production organization. The Baho executives argue that the expansive portfolio of OSI, as well as its capabilities, will make their company accelerate its growth. Additionally, the acquisition will allow Baho to increase its presence as well in Europe.