Have you ever heard of an organization known as OSI Group? Do you know what food sourcing is? If you don’t have a clue of either then keep on reading.

OSI Group is a worldwide leader in food sourcing. Food sourcing supplies the world with food products whether it’s for restaurants, supermarkets, or other retailers. Many of the food products that line the shelves of your favorite stores may have different brands, but many of the products come from the same food processing company. There are some private retailers whom receive their products from specific sources, but the majority of chain stores tend to use the same source.

Being one of the largest privately held companies didn’t come by chance. It took years and years of growth to make this a reality. Good business, ethics, integrity, and high quality food products all played a considerable role in this company’s success. OSI even creates some of the very best custom food products as well. This team of specialists works with the client to come up with the perfect solution, which keeps the products true to form and at precise specifications. Here are some of the food products that are being produced by OSI below:

Cooked Sausage Links
Dough Products
Bacon Bits/Chips
Chicken Nuggets
Turkey Products
Beef Patties
And many more

This only scratches the surface of what the company do. OSI Group does a great job with expanding into new markets by acquisition. “Flagship Europe” is now a part of the team and this UK food source company has helped the brand expand even further. This is the future of the industry and OSI Group sits prominently at the pinnacle.

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